Welcome to The Hague, Netherlands!

Post Date: 04/27/2021
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Welcome to The Hague, Netherlands! “Den Haag,” the official name, comes from Des Graven Hage. The locals account for the name, as those who live here never stopped using the old-fashioned name, which describes the place according to its medieval use, “the counts’ hedge.” It also refers to the fact that Dutch noblemen once used the land for hunting.

The city is comprised of unusual museums, buildings, canals, the famous Peace Palace and is home to the government of the Netherlands.

The Hague is also a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, so the city is the centre of IT and tech expertise. In fact, it’s one of the top five fastest growing tech hubs in Europe! It’s also been an office home to AvePoint since 2015.Our Office Culture

Culture is the personality of a company and is made up of our organization’s mission, working environment, habits and goals. A fun workplace culture not only boosts morale, but also greatly influences productivity. And we do just that!

Our local team is growing rapidly and ranges from mid-market to enterprise sales, pre- and post-sales engineering, marketing, operations, HR support as well as our SVP of Legal and Chief Sales Officer. We are a wonderfully social and sporty bunch who enjoy a good laugh!

Although in-office connection was not possible for our European regions throughout most of 2020 due to COVID-19, our hope is to get back to our new normal as quickly and safely as possible. Whether it’s weekly socials on Friday afternoons, canal tours, kite surf lessons or an AvePoint family day, these events are what allow for our teams to connect and build relationships with each other away from the daily grind of projects and tasks.

Within this office and all of our offices around the globe, we take pride in the community we’ve built for our employees. By the way, we’re hiring in The Hague! Be sure to check out our open positions today!

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