Control Suite for Operational Excellence

Streamline workflows, improve data governance, and scale oversight to centralize control over your information assets.

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Modern Work Needs Modern Insights and Efficiency

Today’s modern organization understands clean data is crucial to their success. However, they struggle to oversee vast amounts of data across multiple collaboration platforms. AvePoint’s Control Suite provides actionable insights, automates data governance, and proactively enforces policies to reduce security risk, optimize operations, and ensure compliance.

Promote security and compliance

Discover, Secure and Comply

Identify and fix employee and guest access to safeguard your modern SaaS platforms.

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Transform Data Governance

Provide a secure yet frictionless experience with a scalable support and data governance framework.

Improve operational efficiency

Efficient, Modern Operations

Automate IT operations to support collaboration at the speed and scale of today’s workplace.

Your Keys to Modern Insights, Efficiency, and Control

The New Dream Team: IT and Security

Explore Solutions that Align IT and Security Leaders

IT Leaders

Drive Modern Work with Scalability and Control

Security Leaders

Eliminate Risk and Increase Your Security Posture

Give teams one hub for messaging, sharing, and tasks with flexible yet secure settings. Strategically manage software licenses in real-time to optimize value of technology investments. Empower managers to configure permissions balancing team needs and security. Maximize every dollar spent through oversight and strategic allocation of subscriptions.

Gain visibility into user access of sensitive data to identify vulnerabilities. Bolster defenses with automated policies to safeguard critical assets. Continuously prove compliance with protocols in sync with changing internal guidelines and external regulations. Remove compliance exposure by seamlessly upholding security and permission setups.

The AvePoint Control Suite Difference

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Simplify Workplace Operations with One Trusted Platform

Today's workplaces rely on numerous complex cloud apps and platforms. Managing it all brings data governance and security challenges. The AvePoint Control Suite can handle all your essential needs at once. Automate governance across SaaS apps, manage licensing and budgets, empower users with scalable policies, secure data by controlling access, and protect from cyber threats. Achieve efficient, sustainable operations and confidently oversee a workplace full of diverse technologies and workspaces.

Minimize business disruption

Centralize Your Workplace Management

The nature of your workplace is complex and distributed, with data residing in multiple workplace tools. Why turn to different technology companies to gain actionable insights, automate data governance, and proactively enforce policies across them all? With the Control Suite, reduce security risk, optimize operations, and ensure compliance without undergoing numerous security reviews, complicated pricing, and multiple points of contact.

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Secure your data, manage information lifecycle, and prevent breaches to eliminate risk.

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Control Suite


Gain complete visibility across your digital workplace and scale your data governance framework and operations.

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We attempt to limit the restrictions we place on how people use Microsoft 365. Our goal is to manage growth and reduce the size of the tenant, so we are only managing active content and active workspaces. AvePoint lets us have that vision, but also enable critical governance.

Tegan Valentine

Senior Information Solutions Analyst, Griffith University

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Turn chaos into control across your SaaS platforms with the AvePoint Control Suite.