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Quit searching. Save time. Be more productive. AvePoint MyHub eliminates chaos and brings order to your workspaces across Microsoft Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and Viva Engage (Yammer) and Power Platform apps, flows, and reports.

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Your one stop microsoft 365 and power platform workspace

The Ultimate Microsoft 365 and Power Platform Workspace

Can’t keep track of your Microsoft 365 workspaces and Power Platform objects? We get it. Time spent searching means less time being productive.

Quit collaboration chaos: Meet MyHub, your one-stop-shop for managing existing Power Platform objects and Microsoft 365 workspaces all from our intuitive app integrated directly in Microsoft Teams. Organize, understand, and access your assets in one centralized place. Then, curate your workspace hubs for easier navigation and management.

Create Your Ideal Digital Workplace Hub

Built with simplicity in mind

Built with Simplicity in Mind

Microsoft 365 and Power Platform offer powerful collaboration possibilities. But time spent searching for the right Group, Team, or content can impact adoption and productivity. That’s why we created MyHub—to simplify the collaboration experience so your users have an easier, more productive work life.

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AvePoint MyHub Features

Workspaces all together

Centralize Workspaces

Create new workspaces, navigate existing ones, and access associated details, resources, and memberships all in one place.

Simplified searching

Simplify Searching

Tag workspaces with labels and create filtered hubs of Teams, Sites, and Groups based on purpose or importance. 

Curated experience

Curated Experience

Built-in views let you jump to your favorites, workspaces you are a member of, ones you'd like to join, and recently accessed.

Membership management

Membership Management

Easily manage your membership across Teams, Groups, and Sites, or membership for the workspaces you own.

Aggregated access

Aggregated Access

Easily access content, tasks, and more associated with each workspace directly through Teams.

Simple management

Simple Management

Admins get a simple interface to configure group management settings without the need for complex PowerShell operations.

Next level governance

Next Level Governance

Cloud Governance integration allows users to perform provisioning, recertification, and lifecycle tasks, according to your own policies.

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AvePoint’s MyHub is a one-stop workspace with all of your Teams, Groups, Yammer Communities and Sites huddled together.

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