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Automate, scale, and optimize your Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce practices and elevate your MSP services with AvePoint.

Grow your business, simplify management across customers, and increase your margins with AvePoint solutions for MSPs.

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Elevate Your MSP to New Heights: AvePoint's Unified Platform for Optimized Service Delivery

As an MSP, you know that success hinges on your ability to automate processes, scale operations efficiently, and operationalize solutions seamlessly. With AvePoint, you gain access to a comprehensive platform designed to optimize your management of Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce environments while enhancing your overall service offering. From ensuring robust cyber resilience measures to implementing data governance policies and AI readiness, AvePoint empowers you to deliver unparalleled value to your clients.

Our platform enables you to transform your entire approach to managed services. By partnering with AvePoint, you gain access to AI-ready technologies that future-proof your clients’ business and position you as a market leader. Whether you're focused on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) or optimizing costs without compromising on quality, AvePoint is your trusted partner every step of the way.

Why MSPs Win with AvePoint

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Manage and Optimize Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce Environments at Scale

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AvePoint is way ahead. As an MSP, it is very good to have a completely SaaS solution. Other solutions I would have to build the infrastructure for, requiring a lot of technical guys to maintain it.
Geert Visser

CTO, Ictivity

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AvePoint Elements: Partner Intelligence Platform for Managed Services

Extend and differentiate your cloud services with migration, business continuity, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and data governance products in a single platform. Accelerate Microsoft, Google and Salesforce deployments, simplify management across your customers, and increase margins.

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Customer Insights

Drive customer loyalty by transforming insights into actionable strategies

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Value-Added Services

Deliver Cutting-Edge Services Aligned with Latest Trends and Best Practices

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​Integrations & Scale

Drive Growth and Operational Efficiency with Powerful Integrations and Built-in Capabilities.

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