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Your Data is the Engine for AI & Innovation

In the era of powerful AI models like ChatGPT, there's this notion that data may not be as vital as once thought. After all, these models can produce seemingly sophisticated outputs from a simple prompt. But dismissing the value of data would be dangerously misguided.

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Navigating Growth and Scale: Strategies for Leading Through Change

Over the last 20 years of my professional career, I’ve been faced with change and now in many cases lead change efforts. The stakes today have never been higher. Companies are striving to grow and scale amidst economic uncertainty, market shifts, and technological disruptions. Over the course of just a few years, the very nature of how we work is drastically different, leading to workers – whether they’re hybrid, fully remote, or in the office – feeling lonelier than ever.

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The Strategic Value of Consolidating Your Tech Stack

While technology plays a critical role in business success, this explosion of tools brings unintended consequences for organizations. Simply put, more isn't always merrier when it comes to workplace tech. Optimizing your tech stack - the core applications and solutions that power your operations - is key to shaping efficiency and fostering productivity.

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