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Are you ready to lead the way in driving change and preparing for the next big disruption? The future of work is already here, and it's time to take action. Tune in to the #shifthappens podcast, where business and IT leaders share their experiences, provide actionable advice, and facilitate collaborative learning and growth.

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Episode 75

MSPs as Technology Partners: Leading Organizations to Digital Transformation Success

Matthew Bookspan, CEO of Orlando-based MSP Blacktip, joins the #shifthappens podcast to discuss enabling digital transformation for organizations, large and small. In this episode, we cover the critical role of MSPs as technology partners—from adapting to trends, managing environments, empowering customers with emerging technologies, following best practices for a secure Microsoft 365 platform, and the game-changing potential of generative AI.

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Episode 74

Building an Information Management Foundation for Human-AI Collaboration

AvePoint Chief Brand Officer, Dux Raymond Sy, and AvePoint Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing & Chief Strategy Officer, Mario Carvajal, are joined by Tori Liu, President & CEO of AIIM. Together, they discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shining a light on existing information management challenges, the importance of a universal framework for AI governance, and steps organizations can take to prepare their data and culture for the AI-powered workplace of the future.

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Episode 73

How Governments Worldwide Are Using AI to Transform Public Services

In this episode, we catch up with Angela Heise, Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector at Microsoft, about how governments and public sector organizations around the world are leveraging AI to transform services, empower employees, and better engage with citizens. Angela shares insights from her travels across Asia and Australia, including common themes around using AI ethically, managing risk, adopting cloud, and the importance of change management.

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