This is when #shifthappens.

But making big plans creates big questions:

How do I make
          the shift happen?
How do I handle the shift happening
          around me?
How do I prepare 
          for a shift to
Can I really handle
          this on my own?

We’ve got you covered!

Look no further than #shifthappens for insights, conversations, podcasts and events to discover proven – and actionable – strategies to accelerate digital workplace success. And, of course, to share your own success stories.

#shifthappens is a community built by AvePoint for knowledge workers to connect and share their big wins – and surprise hurdles – in their journey to modernize the digital workplace. Grow and evolve your approach with a diverse group of business and IT leaders eager to share their stories and give first-hand advice as you embrace your next shift.

After all, looking ahead means connecting with each other in a way that transcends industries, job titles and geography. Let’s make the shift happen together!