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Keep your content in check—don’t let storage spiral out of control. Ensure users can find and access whatever they need, when they need it!

Time to get on top of that content hoard

Tame the Data Deluge

Content growth and storage is one of the most significant challenges facing business today. With 200+ zetabytes of expected Cloud storage by 2025, organizations cannot afford to ignore the costs or risk associated with data hoarding. With businesses grappling with significant overage fees and increased data volumes, it's clear that robust data governance and information lifecycle principles are essential. We're here to guide you in proactively managing your data footprint and optimizing storage efficiency to navigate the evolving digital landscape.

Empower Informed Decision-Making with AvePoint Opus

Lower storage costs

Save Money

Rising data volumes overwhelm budgets. Optimize storage for efficiency and cost savings.

Search conquer

Mitigate Risk

Proactively comply with regulations like GDPR to reduce security risks, procedural errors, and operational disruptions.

Automate policies

Improve Efficiency

Remove stale content to enhance productivity, reduce frustration, and improve search and generative AI accuracy.

How Much Microsoft 365 Storage You Can Save with AvePoint

Current storage allowance

30 TB

Current storage utilised

20 TB

Average monthly
storage growth


costing you an additional $14.38K / year

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