Webinar - June 23, 11:00AM

Watch Us Lose Microsoft 365 Data

Evaluate the likelihood and severity of 6 data loss scenarios so that you are prepared to better protect your sensitive information in Microsoft 365.

Webinar - May 27, 11:00AM

Using Cloud Backup's Reporting To Better Protect Your Data

Learn how to configure Cloud Backup to seamlessly automate your data protection with features like Job Analytics, License Consumption Reports, and AVA.

Webinar - May 19, 11:00AM

Modernizing Gov IT and Securing Collaboration in M365

Join AvePoint and learn best practices from other government agencies on how to ensure your collaboration is safe and secure.


Managing Microsoft 365 Permissions

Take a deep dive into user permissions across Microsoft 365 and AvePoint products in the cloud and on-premises, with AvePoint expert Ron Delaney.


Collaborate, Motivate and Personalise your learning and tools to support you

Collaborate, Motivate and Personalise your learning and tools to support you


Microsoft Viva

Get practical next steps from Microsoft and AvePoint on how you can take steps towards integrating Viva Connections and Topics within your organization.

Webinar - March 23, 10:00AM

Microsoft 365 Community Talks

Join the top Microsoft 365 experts from the AvePoint Community Champion program as they lead informative sessions on the hottest modern workplace and digital collaboration topics.


Secure Your Non-Profit Healthcare Data and Reduce Risk in 5 Simple Steps

An interactive conversation with data management experts and healthcare IT practitioners to learn best practices on how non-profit healthcare organizations can best migrate, manage and protect data in the Microsoft cloud.


5 Data Leaks to Plug in Microsoft Teams

In this webinar with AvePoint experts, you will learn how to proactively manage Microsoft Teams to prevent data leaks.


How FLY Can Launch Teams Migrations From Virtually Any Cloud

Learn how AvePoint’s FLY solution can make the journey to Teams seem more like a day trip than a transcontinental voyage.


Make the Move from Skype to Teams

Join AvePoint to learn how to transition your organization from Skype to Teams to maximize collaboration potential.


Survive and thrive post-COVID in the TAE business

Not ready to move your learning and training online yet? Let AvePoint show you how to run online trainings and testing with full compliance with SSG standards.