office 365

DUX QUAX: Do Generational Differences Impact Office 365 Adoption?

Is there really a generational divide when it comes to companies adopting Office 365? Hear Microsoft MVPs Dux Raymond Sy and Stephanie Donahue discuss here.
content migration

Survey: Which Dept. Influences the Approval of Content Migration Projects the Most?

Do you want to get a content migration approved but arn't sure which department holds the most influence? Click here for the results of AIIM's March survey.

#ChewNChat Video: #Burgers and #Backup in #Dynamics365

The original burgers were packed with a variety of delicious ingredients. Learn how Dynamics 365 is getting packed new features as well!
office 365

Microsoft Flow: 3 Simple Tips for Automating Office 365 Workflows

Do you want to streamline your Office 365 and/or SharePoint workflows? If so, click here for 3 things you need to know about automating them.
microsoft teams

Migrating to Microsoft Teams: Don’t Forget About File Shares!

Are you planning a Microsoft Teams migration but haven't factored in file shares yet? Here's why it's worthwhile to consider.
differential backup

Backup Strategies: Incremental vs. Full vs. Differential Backup Explained 

Are you trying to determine the right data backup strategies for your organization? Click here to learn about incremental, full, and differential backup.