11 Steps to Ensuring Your Active Directory Identity Management Works Securely

Most of us only worry about our ID when we need to prove to others who we are. In the online world, we actually do this on a regular basis. This process affects you more directly than you might think. Whether you login to Facebook, Gmail, or Microsoft Office, you’re proving your identity to a system and that you are who you say you are.

Q&A: SharePoint, Office 365 Customizations and Bots

Learn how to streamline your business by creating custom workflows, Bots and automated processes in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 with this Q & A from our recent webinar, “Bots, SharePoint Customizations & Office 365 Workflows, Oh My”

8 Common Azure Active Directory Management Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

This post is the first in a series of blog articles relating to the best practices around Identity Management, mostly regarding Active directory, its relationship with both on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft solutions, and how this affects effective Solutions as a Service (SaaS) from a technical, business process, and value priority perspective.

7 Helpful Office 365, SharePoint Customization Best Practices

With powerful new tools coming out every day and AI on the rise, our collective imagination is the limit to what can be created to increase productivity and value for our organizations by leveraging bots, Office 365 Power Apps and SharePoint customizations. Read on for 7 helpful best practices in creating, governing and managing these customizations!

Microsoft Teams and Yammer Working Together: Why it Matters and How it Can Help You

Teamwork is crucial for the success of any enterprise, and the same holds true for software as well. Quite often, softwares can be improved or tailored to specific needs with the addition of complimentary software. Or, in the case of Microsoft Teams and Yammer, they can be part of the same overall suite of tools that are all meant to function as complements to each other.

Public Sector Agencies and the Cloud: A Changing Relationship

As the cloud becomes more ubiquitous, government organisations in Australia have started to take notice and are considering and implementing cloud-based solutions more than ever. In support of this, the Australian Federal Government has set forth a strategy for organisations making the jump to the cloud. While it’s often the smaller departments making the jump first, the larger ones are usually not far behind.