Thursday, November 26, 2020
microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer: A Short and Sweet Guide

Learn when to use Microsoft Teams vs Yammer as well as some situations for which other collaboration tools or platforms are better suited
microsoft teams

Quick Guide: How to Manage Microsoft Teams Notifications

Are you tired of dealing with constant notifications from Microsoft Teams? Click here to learn some best practices to make them more managable.


How to Overcome the Change Management Hurdle

Is your organization struggling with facilitating change management? Click here for some insights and tips to get you on the right track.

Do C-Suites Really Care About Investing in Data Governance?

Is data governance really at the forefront of executives' minds? Click here to learn about AIIM and AvePoint's fascinating findings.

What Data Retention Level Is Right For Your Organization?

Are you unsure what data should be kept and what should be thrown away? Click here to learn how to make a strong data retention policy.

AvePoint and Apex Announce Initial Public Merger: Here’s What I Pitched Investors

Today we announced AvePoint will go public via a $2.0 billion USD initial public merger with Apex Technology Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: APXT), a special-purpose...

Microsoft 365 Community Talks: A Must-See Industry Event

Hear from the brightest voices in the industry with AvePoint's upcoming Microsoft 365 Community Talk, a two-day must-see online event!

What is SharePoint? A Beginner’s Guide

Have you always wanted to learn about SharePoint but felt overwhelmed? Click here for a quick and simple explanation of SharePoint and its applications.