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Redefine the digital workplace with AI by enriching experiences, improving decision making, and increasing efficiency.

Unlock Business Value through Intelligent Data Orchestration

Is Your Data Ready for AI?

AI is a powerful force transforming every industry and every aspect of our lives. But there's a catch: AI is only as good as the data that feeds it. Data is inherently messy, complex, and risky. Data must be managed, governed, and secured. In short, data needs to be ready for AI. 

To build AI that truly understands your business, you need a data foundation that maps every workspace, piece of content, and user to the right business context. The AvePoint Confidence Platform transforms chaos into order, enriching enterprise data with context around ownership, risk postures, and relevance. 

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Powerful Insights

Aggregate enterprise-wide data and use machine learning and AI algorithms to analyze data patterns, trends, and anomalies, providing stakeholders with personalized and relevant insights.

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Clear Recommendations

Make better business decisions with personalized, relevant recommendations delivered by the AvePoint Confidence Platform's intuitive dashboards and reports.

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Complete Protection

Leverage the AvePoint Confidence Platform’s AI capabilities to protect data through proactive measures that ensure sensitive data is appropriately classified, accessed, and monitored. 

Power New AI Experiences with AvePoint

By establishing a robust data foundation, the AvePoint Confidence Platform's AI insights engine will learn your business needs, refine models tailored to you, and improve decision making for end users.  

1 AI Powered Information Management

AI-Powered Information Management

AvePoint Opus enables organizations to discover, classify, protect and manage their data accurately and at scale. Our robust, next-generation information lifecycle management solution ensures organizations can manage all stages of the data lifecycle. A key component of AvePoint Opus is Maestro, which uses AI models powered by Azure Machine Learning to analyze content and metadata and assign appropriate policies to documents. Explore and learn more about AvePoint Opus today.

2 Accelerate Copilot for Microsoft 365

Accelerate Copilot for Microsoft 365 Data Readiness

Prepare, secure, and optimize your data to deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365 with AvePoint. To fully harness the capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365, a systematic and proactive approach to data management is crucial. With AvePoint, you can establish a robust data foundation that ensures Microsoft 365 Copilot data readiness. Prepare your data, secure your data, and optimize your operations seamlessly with the AvePoint Confidence Platform, paving the way for a transformative and efficient AI experience.

3 More Impactful Communication

Communicate With Impact

Leaders are now faced with an overwhelming array of channels and platforms, making it difficult to know the most effective way to share important communications with their workforce. Our future AI-powered functionality will enhance content and improve recommendations for leaders to confidently share internal communications. By looking across your digital workplace environment, we will identify patterns and personalize communication strategies tailored to specific preferences and content consumption habits. 

4 Powering Personal Productivity

Power Personal Productivity

We will release the next generation of MyHub powered by AI to bring necessary documents, meetings, people, and other information throughout your digital workplace environment into one place. Our solution will analyze vast amounts of data – including emails, meeting notes, documents, and other content – and leverage predictive algorithms to make intelligent recommendations. We’ll identify the right people to collaborate with, reducing the time and effort required for scheduling and enhancing your collaboration capabilities.

Using AvePoint AI to Transform Business Processes

When we migrated to the cloud, we didn't have the resources to correctly classify our data. With the machine learning capabilities in AvePoint Opus, we can rapidly identify and classify our content, apply the appropriate business rules and comply with our rigorous legislative requirements. What would have taken years for us to do manually, we can now do in weeks with AvePoint.

APAC Government Council Information Manager