AvePoint Wins 7 Awards from BuiltIn’s Best Places to Work 2024 

Post Date: 01/09/2024
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We are thrilled to announce that AvePoint has been recognized by BuiltIn as one of the best places to work in the United States for the third year in a row. In total, we won seven awards across the United States, including in major tech hubs such as New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC. This recognition underscores our continued commitment to providing the AvePoint team with a rewarding and fulfilling work environment.  

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BuiltIn’s Best Places to Work awards evaluates companies’ compensation, benefits, and culture programs. The awards are a testament to our efforts to create a culture of agility, passion, and teamwork, where everyone has the opportunity to grow their careers, make an impact, and be rewarded for their contributions.  

To celebrate this achievement, I sat down with our Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Robertson, who shared his insights on what makes AvePoint a great place to work and what he is excited about for the future.  

From Stuart’s perspective: AvePoint’s culture, initiatives, and vision  

AvePoint’s culture: a place where you can make a difference  

Stuart Robertson - AvePoint Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer and Chief People Officer, Stuart’s focus is on building leadership strength, scaling the global organization, operational execution, and leading a culture where AvePoint colleagues thrive. Stuart has over 20 years of experience in global leadership, specializing in talent management, leadership development, organization optimization and driving collaborative culture, working for Fortune 500 companies on three continents, including Pfizer, Tapestry, and Richemont. From his perspective, there’s something different about AvePoint’s culture that sets it apart from the average corporate experience.   

“People have the opportunity to make substantial contributions and the impact of your work makes a difference to the company,” Stuart explained. “If you have a vision that will be good for the company, the company will back you to try new things. We see potential in people and give stretch assignments to help grow experiences and skills.”  

AvePoint’s initiatives: supporting and enhancing our culture  

Stuart is also proud of the initiatives and programs that AvePoint has implemented in the last 12 months to support the team and enhance the Company’s culture. He highlights three areas that stand out:  

  • Enablement: “The impact that the enablement program is making,” Stuart added. “We’re really equipping people to excel in tangible ways. A lot of companies will put an off-the-shelf program to say they are doing training, but we feel that we are customizing based on our talent and where we’re looking to go.” Learn more about how AvePoint prioritizes sales enablement and leadership development 
  • Internal Mobility: “I’m pleased with the progress of our internal mobility program,” Stuart said. “It’s actually how we operate day in and day out, not just an HR program. Our management meetings always have a talent component to them. Oftentimes leaders are talking about ‘what is the talent we need for this challenge,’ or they share that a talented person has run out of challenges and we need to give them more. It’s an organic process for us. Seeing people move and take expanded roles because we’re backing and supporting them.” Learn more about some examples of internal mobility in action at AvePoint.  
  • Reward Programs: “We’ve enhanced our parental leave policy in the United States, created ways for people to choose their mix of long-term incentives to suit their circumstances, and continued to make improvements in our benefits, wellness, and recognition programs,” Stuart said. “We stand by our mission to provide our people with opportunities to make their mark, have an impact, and own their careers.”  

AvePoint’s vision: accelerating growth, leveraging AI, and expanding globally  

Looking ahead, Stuart is excited about the accelerated growth that AvePoint is experiencing, and the opportunities that it brings for members of the AvePoint team.

“Our people can thrive more than ever because of the impact of the programs we’ve put in place and resources they have to help them succeed,” Stuart said. “We’re seeing our teams work better together, have better team perspectives, and cultivate a true team culture.” 

He is also very excited about the positive impact that generative AI solutions are going to have at AvePoint – from the perspectives of technology solutions AvePoint is creating to support customers and partners as well as incorporating it into our operations within the company. “We are building AI enhancements across our products and supporting organizations looking to harness Copilot for Microsoft 365, which will offer a highly attractive value proposition to our customers and partners. We are also using AI to amplify the impact of our people, which helps our teams to optimize their performance and deliver better outcomes.”  

Finally, Stuart is excited about the expansion of AvePoint’s impact globally. As of the end of 2023, AvePoint has 2,350 colleagues across 25 global offices. “Our company thrives on the chorus of diverse voices that comprise our global team,” Stuart added. “People from all corners of the world lend their unique perspectives, experiences, and talents to propel us forward. We are not an American company with satellite offices overseas, but rather a truly global organization enriched by our worldwide workforce and their multitude of cultures.”  

Bringing it all together 

Stuart concluded by saying that he loves working at AvePoint and he knows others do as well. “I see our values come to life while traveling all over the world and seeing our values of agility, passion, and teamwork come to life day in and day out,” he added. “It really is a great place to work.” 

To learn more about why our colleagues believe AvePoint is the place where they can make their mark, have an impact, and own their careers, visit our website.  

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