Teamwork at AvePoint: We’re doing great things together!

Post Date: 11/01/2021
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This is the third blog within our core values series. In prior posts, we explored how our teams focus on agility and passion, while highlighting our people around the globe who have been recognized for exemplifying these values.

This month, we are shining light on our last value, Teamwork.

What does Teamwork mean to us at AvePoint? It means we’re invested in the success of our colleagues, partners, customers, and community. We do this by promoting global collaboration and taking pride in helping, sharing, mentoring, and coaching each other.

Take a look at what some of our colleagues have to say about what teamwork means within their roles.

Anna-Lisa Wolff, Project Manager, Remote EMEA 

“Teamwork to me means awareness of each other’s strengths and how we can team up to achieve the best possible result. It means sharing thoughts and findings in an attempt to find a new guideline, policy, or system setup that makes everyday tasks easier and quicker to complete for everybody. Teamwork means going the extra mile to create something that not only I, but the extended team will benefit from.”

Titus Homa, Director, Legal Affairs, Munich

“To me, teamwork is one of the most important aspects of my job and a key to our success as a company. Only by listening to each other can we understand both the needs of our customers and our own business requirements and can thus make sure that we achieve the best outcome for a deal. Also, working with great colleagues both here in the Munich office and worldwide is what makes my job fulfilling.”

Sohna Sukumaran Hemalatha, Senior Strategic Consultant, Singapore 

“Teamwork to me is being able to go above and beyond together as a team. I have witnessed this in different forms at AvePoint – from my managers and leaders who have trusted me and given me all the freedom I need to be innovative in what I do, to my peers who give me their support, participate in open discussions, exchange ideas, and eagerly contribute with their efforts. This has allowed us to achieve great things together.”

Teamwork is necessary for success, and we’re only able to work as efficiently as we do because we rely on one another. If you’d like to be part of a team that prioritizes collaboration, check out our job listings today!




Zoe Wilson is a People Partner for AvePoint's North America Sales, IT, and Security teams. Because AvePoint's core values are so prevalent in each colleague, Zoe enjoys celebrating and writing about our Peer Recognition Winners every quarter.

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