Passion at AvePoint: Learn what Drives our Teams

Post Date: 08/17/2021
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This is the second post in a series of three that dive deeper into each of our core values. We explore how some of our teams focus on these values and highlight a few of our employees around the globe who have been recognized for truly exemplifying them.

This month we are looking at Passion. Drive and energy are contagious here at AvePoint; we are not just going through the motions. We do things that are impactful and, as a result, amplify our customers’ success.

Our Customer Success teams are always focusing on increased adoption by providing the best level of lifecycle service to our customers. They are passionate about the benefits our products bring and are dedicated to the continuous education of our customers and themselves!

For our People Team, their passion is right in the name: people. They’re constantly searching for ways to partner with the rest of the business to enhance and boost the human aspect of our organization to help meet company goals.

Our technical support teams are not just problem-solvers, but true solution experts. They’re passionate about ensuring customers are achieving deployment optimization with each product they adopt.

Take a look at what some of our employees have to say who have recently been recognized for their display of passion!

Alexander Dick, Manager, Public Sector Sales, Melbourne 

“Passion for AvePoint means understanding our customers’ goals and pursuing an outcome that we can be proud of helping them achieve. Our passion for technology, the people we work with and the customers we help all make it a great place to work.”

Joanne Chang, APAC Marketing Manager, Melbourne 

“Being passionate to me means that we love what we do and we have a drive to do well whatever the assignment is. Having passion about the company that we work for also means that we are invested in the organization and we believe in its value and vision. For me, I strongly believe that the projects that I get involved in at AvePoint contribute to a great mission that AvePoint’s been supporting, which is developing cutting edge technologies and services to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation success. That’s mainly why I’m passionate about what I do.”

Lucia Tsui, Technical Support Engineer – Tier 2, Richmond

“Passion for me is the courage and persistence to face the tough obstacles my team encounters every day. I work in a role where our challenges are different every day, and passion means learning and adapting to better face these issues, no matter how complex, no matter how difficult. I find satisfaction at the end of the day when I’ve learned something new and when I realize that I’ve become stronger than I was yesterday.”

Passion shines bright within each and every one of the employees within AvePoint. It’s our passion that fuels our Agility and Teamwork. Lucia said it best, our passion pushes us to be better than we’ve ever been before! Next month we will conclude our series with exploring how we display Teamwork.

Zoe Wilson is a People Partner for AvePoint's North America Sales, IT, and Security teams. Because AvePoint's core values are so prevalent in each colleague, Zoe enjoys celebrating and writing about our Peer Recognition Winners every quarter.

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