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The Best Reads of 2023: On Optimizing SaaS Operations and Securing Collaboration

With the rise of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools, including Microsoft 365 Copilot, artificial intelligence took the technology space by storm this year. But for businesses to maximize the potential of AI and machine learning, they need to ensure that their data is ready.

“It is abundantly clear that high-quality, well-governed data is the bedrock for impactful AI,” AvePoint Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Tianyi Jiang wrote in our blog, Why A Robust Data Strategy Is the Key to Unlocking AI’s Full Potential.

So, from adopting AI to building a solid data foundation to transforming employee experience and scaling managed services, here are our best reads of 2023 – to help IT and business leaders optimize SaaS operations, secure collaboration, and accelerate digital workplace transformation in 2024.

Information Lifecycle Management

AI for Information Management

Why Your AI and Machine Learning Strategy Needs a Solid Foundation (

“A few years ago, moving to the cloud was considered non-negotiable for business continuity during the pandemic and a prerequisite to fostering innovation. But with only 60% of corporate data hosted on the cloud, it’s clear that the shift still continues.”

AI for Information Management: Benefits and Risks

“With exponential data growth overwhelming traditional practices, approaches to information management must be modernized to deliver effective outcomes reliably.”

3 Ways to Encourage the Safe and Effective Use of AI (

“As more organizations implement this technology into their daily work and into the products and services they offer customers, it’s critical we do so with integrity.”

Information Management Outlook

The Future of Information Management

“Unfortunately, it’s not just storage costs that are on the rise – so is your risk. Holding on to too much information can increase your chance of facing regulatory, operational, or security-related risks.”

An Inside Look at Information Management In 2023

“Spurred by pandemic-driven digital transformation, organizations are continuing to create data at an unprecedented rate, resulting in time-consuming tasks, higher storage costs, and greater risks.”

AvePoint Opus

Operational Control

SaaS Management

How To Manage SaaS Application Growth, Data Sprawl and AI Risks (

“To stay protected and optimize costs, especially as organizations tap into AI technology, CEOs should encourage their teams to develop the proper information management, governance and security strategies for this critical data.”

Efficient Operations

Supercharge Digital Initiatives: How to Drive Efficiency with the Right Tools in Place (

“John Peluso, chief product officer at AvePoint, outlines how your organization can empower digital initiatives with the enhanced tools and security guardrails needed to succeed.”

Secure Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration Is Powerful. Make Sure It’s Also Secure (

“With 95% of cybersecurity breaches caused by human error, and the average cost of a data breach expected to surpass $5 million in 2023, how can organizations make it easy for employees to work together while at the same time keeping their digital workplace secure?”

Delegated Administration

Delegated Administration: Save Time, Money Managing SaaS

“While you can simply ask people to complete tasks for you, you’re also risking the chance of giving overprivileged access that may introduce risks to your environment.”


Enjoy these great reads on Operational Control:



Business Continuity

Will Your Company Be Fined in the New Data Privacy Landscape? (InformationWeek)

“Despite the shifting political landscape making it uncertain what new policies might be enacted, the matter of data privacy regulation is not going away.”

Cybersecurity Awareness

The State of Cybersecurity Awareness: 2023 Report

“While progress has been made in terms of reporting cybercrime incidents to authorities, there is still much work to be done to improve cybersecurity practices and reduce the risk of falling victim to cybercrime.”

How To Prepare for When (Not If) Your Organization Experiences A Cyberattack (

“Cybersecurity must be a priority across all areas of business, and as a leader, you can catalyze that change to ensure optimal defense.”

Data Governance and AI

How to Prepare Your Data for Microsoft 365 Copilot

“Many organizations are eager to adopt AI to their business, but to harness the power of this new technology, you must first consider one critical factor: is your data ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption?”

Data Protection

Safeguard Schools from Cybercrime: Why a Backup Plan Matters

“Last year, 29% of K-12 school and district members in the Information Sharing and Analysis Center reported being victims of a cyber incident.”


Employee Experience

Employee Engagement

How leaders can support the future of a hybrid workplace for employee retention and satisfaction (

“The financial benefits and perks are no longer the only determining factor for the best workforce and employment opportunities.”

Achieve Operating Efficiency and Scale Through Development, Not Just Cutbacks (

“Operating efficiency is top of mind for tech leaders in 2023. While many organizations have reduced the size of their workforces, and the media has paid great attention to this trend, it is not enough.”

Workplace Transformation

3 ways low-code and no-code platforms can accelerate digital workplace (

“According to Fortune Business Insights, the global low-code development platform market is projected to grow from about $14 billion in 2021 to $95 billion by 2028.”

How to Accelerate Purpose-Driven Digital Transformation

“Failed digital transformation oftentimes has nothing to do with technology; rather, it is due to a lack of clarity and commitment to the organization’s purpose.”

Workplace Analytics

Digital Workplace Analytics: Understanding Where Employees Spend Their Time

“Without valuable insights into employee adoption and usage, it will be challenging for IT teams to tailor their digital workplace for success.”

Digital Workplace Enablement

Unleashing the Power of Digital Workplace Enablement: From Migration to Adoption

“According to Forrester, enhancing employee experience has transcended beyond an HR priority and has become a key IT objective for businesses and technology professionals over the next 12 months.”

digital workplace enablement ebook


MSPs and AI

The AI Revolution: How MSPs Can Ride the Wave of Opportunity

“While AI unlocks boundless opportunities, MSPs need to take a prudent approach centered on education and showcasing how AI can be leveraged to add value.”

Building an AI-Ready Practice: How MSPs Can Successfully Lead Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption

“For MSPs, this is an opportunity to equip organizations with the right technology and guidance to harness the full power of Copilot to transform their business operations and productivity.”

Business Growth

Grow Your MSP Brand: Actionable Tips from the Latest Change the Channel

“Historically, buyers spent 51% of their time meeting with sales reps. That has plunged to just 17% today. The rest of the time is self-education through digital channels – online research, social media, communities, reviews and more.”

MSPs: How to Make Money with Collaboration Security Services for Microsoft 365

“According to Forrester Research, for every dollar an end-customer spends on a Microsoft subscription, there is an additional spending of up to $9 within the partner ecosystem for services and add-ons.”

Channel Trends

Emerging Channel Trends: How CROs Can Prepare MSP Partners to Fuel Business Growth (

“As the channel becomes more critical to driving overall revenue for software companies, chief revenue officers (CROs) must keep an eye on how emerging technologies and challenges will impact their partner ecosystems, not just direct customers.”

MSPs: 3 Reasons Why ISV Partnership Is Key to Growth

“With ISV tools, service providers can take the tedious grunt work out of repetitive tasks like system updates and backups. This allows MSP technicians to focus on higher-impact work, including exploring additional solutions for clients.” 

Thanks, and See You in 2024!

As we close 2023 and look forward to 2024, it’s clear that the optimization of SaaS operations and the security of collaboration platforms will continue to be pivotal for businesses. IT and business leaders must stay on top of the latest trends, strategies, and best practices – and hopefully, our best reads list helped.

And from all of us here at AvePoint, thank you for a fruitful 2023, and cheers to 2024!

Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza is the Manager of Content & Communications at AvePoint. A journalism major, he covers the Employee Experience program and writes about data migration and modernization, digital workplace enablement, workforce training and analytics, and digital transformation. Previously, he directed SEO, social media & content marketing for a leading low-code/no-code software development platform.

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