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Unleashing the Power of Digital Workplace Enablement: From Migration to Adoption

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to improve their digital workplace. McKinsey found that increasing the rate of technology adoption is key to achieving sustainable performance and health in the hybrid world. From the initial phase of cloud migration to the ultimate goal of cloud adoption, it’s crucial to empower employees throughout the journey to achieve success from your digital workplace enablement.

To support these efforts, AvePoint announced today exciting capabilities to power digital transformation in the workplace. As more organizations are seeking to improve the digital employee experience, the AvePoint Confidence Platform offers a comprehensive solution that modernizes data, upskills workforces, and measures transformation efforts. With these capabilities, businesses can empower their workforce and achieve digital workplace enablement, driving sustainable success.

Digital Workplace Transformation Starts with People

In any digital transformation initiative, the success of the effort is fundamentally tied to the people within an organization; employees’ work styles, environments, and overall experience play a central role in shaping the outcomes of digital workplace strategies.

According to Forrester, enhancing employee experience has transcended beyond an HR priority and has become a key IT objective for businesses and technology professionals over the next 12 months. Furthermore,  Gartner emphasizes the criticality of digital employee experience in infrastructure and operations professionals to drive digital workplace transformation efforts. We’re seeing this play out in how organizations are structured, with 77 percent of digital workers having an information technology specialist within their business unit.

As working styles have shifted massively over the past several years, powered by remote and hybrid work and the surge of cloud office technology adoption, the digital workplace has been elevated to the forefront of the employee experience. As a result, organizations will need to consider how they can support a decentralized workplace. Put simply, digital transformation leaders will need to:

  • Plan for the governance and support of additional technology hubs and build bridges with business technologists outside IT
  • Partner with human resources and/or learning and development teams to identify and implement a plan to upskill, attract or hire resources needed to power their future digital workplace strategy
  • Embrace agility through process automation and increased focus on stakeholder management and digital employee experience

Modernize Data: Cloud Migration Fuels New Possibilities in the Digital Workplace

Cloud migration acts as the catalyst for embracing the digital workplace. Whether migrating from a self-hosted workplace or consolidating cloud services, it ensures that data is seamlessly transitioned to the right place, making it easy for your people to find and use it and supporting and enabling new ways of working.

AvePoint Fly simplifies and streamlines the migration process, offering flexibility and ease of use. With real-time monitoring, granular scheduling, and robust security measures, Fly ensures a smooth and secure transition to the cloud. It is the ultimate tool for migrating emails, files, and chat data, unlocking new possibilities in the digital workplace.

AvePoint Fly cloud migration - Learn More

Success Story: Quanos Solutions GmbH, a German-based IT consulting firm, faced the challenge of migrating more than 16,000 items from their old Microsoft Teams environment to a new one. The migration was complex and time-consuming, and the firm needed a reliable solution to ensure a smooth transition.

With the help of AvePoint Fly, Quanos Solutions successfully migrated all their data, including chats, files, and conversations, from the old Teams environment to the new one, without any disruption to their daily operations. The migration process was seamless, as AvePoint Fly provided Quanos Solutions with a comprehensive migration plan that included scheduling, data mapping, and automated migration workflows. This helped the firm save time and resources and ensured a successful migration.

Upskill Workforces: Empowering Digital Dexterity

Empowering employees with the necessary skills is vital for a successful digital transformation.

MaivenPoint Curricula provides a centralized hub for training content, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Curricula streamlines learning and development administration, enhances engagement, and facilitates effective communication around training. And because it seamlessly integrates within Microsoft Teams, Curricula offers an immersive learning experience, maximizing the impact for every employee.

Success Story: Kingston University, a prestigious higher education institution based in London, needed a partner to help them consolidate its many discrete places to store files, share, and collaborate to reduce confusion for staff and students and lower the chance of a cyberattack or data leak. They needed a partner who could not only help them migrate to Microsoft 365, but also train users on how to properly use the platform to ensure a successful adoption.

Beyond the successful migration, AvePoint helped the University ensure a smooth transition and drive user adoption with its off-the-shelf Microsoft 365 training content. With tailored training content, built from real-life scenarios, and proactive support, Kingston achieved seamless onboarding, paving the way for successful adoption in their new digital workplace.

Help empower your workforce with our Digital Workplace Enablement guide:

digital workplace enablement ebook

Measure Transformation: Accelerating Adoption in the Digital Workplace

Accelerating cloud adoption is a crucial milestone in the digital transformation journey. It’s not enough to simply buy a new tool or service; you need to ensure your team is using it and it’s adding value to their day-to-day work. Without proper adoption strategies in place, your investments can quickly become more of a frustration than aid for your employees.

AvePoint’s tyGraph for Adoption and ROI delivers invaluable insights into usage patterns, enabling organizations to identify low adoption areas and intervene proactively. By optimizing license usage, tracking return on investment, and understanding user activity across the digital workplace, organizations can make more data-driven decisions and unlock the full value of Microsoft 365, propelling their digital transformation efforts forward.

tyGraph employee experience test drive - AvePoint

Success Story: Takeda, a global biopharmaceutical company, acquired pharmaceutical company Shire and needed to bring together the Microsoft 365 and SharePoint data for both companies. To improve user experience in the new tenant, Takeda wanted to optimize the consolidation, only moving necessary content to the new environment.

With tyGraph, Takeda analyzed both companies’ content, identifying usage patterns, key tools, and popular content. This information dictated what content moved and what content was left behind as well as where to focus the most time and effort in creating and designing sites. This, paired tyGraph’s real-time insights into user adoption and performance, allowed Takeda to improve the overall user experience in the new tenant and assess the impact of their transformation efforts.

The Bottom Line

Digital workplace enablement is essential for organizations aiming to thrive in the digital era. By adopting a people-central enablement approach, organizations can drive successful migration and adoption of cloud technologies and find sustained success in the digital workplace.

AvePoint’s Confidence Platform covers the entire digital workplace enablement journey, from migration to adoption, empowering your workforce every step of the way. By modernizing data, nurturing digital dexterity, and leveraging insights, organizations can unlock their full potential and achieve seamless transformation.

Find out how AvePoint can help throughout your digital transformation journey. Explore AvePoint’s Digital Workplace Enablement solutions today.

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