Read how Takeda improved end user experience post-migration with tyGraph

Success Highlights

Successful strategic consolidation of two enterprise tenants
Optimized migration through usage and adoption insights
Improved end-user experience post-migration
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Customer Location Lexington, Massachusetts

Industry Pharmaceuticals

Platform Microsoft 365

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Takeda is a patient-focused, values-based, R&D-driven global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Japan and committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to people worldwide. Their passion and pursuit of potentially life-changing treatments for patients are deeply rooted in over 240 years of distinguished history in Japan. Takeda has more than 50,000 employees in approximately 80 countries and regions around the world.

Critical Needs

  • Merge people, culture, and technology of two global enterprises
  • Understand usage patterns in Microsoft 365
  • Assess adoption rates of new, centralized tenant

The Challenge

Bringing together two separate entities is never easy, and it’s even more difficult when those two entities are global pharmaceutical enterprises with 30,000 employees each. This was the case when biotech company Takeda acquired Shire.

During any merger or acquisition, it’s essential to bring together the organizations – the people, the culture, and the technology – into a single space. As part of Takeda’s acquisition, Dave Feldman, who currently serves as Head of Digital Workplace Delivery at Takeda, was responsible for bringing together the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and SharePoint data for both companies. The companies’ data was a combination of on-premises and cloud data that needed to be consolidated into a single, centralized tenant.

Dave had managed a similar merger in his previous role and knew “you don’t want to pick everything up and dump it all in one place. You need to figure out what content is actually used, what was needed and what wasn’t needed, and take the opportunity to do a lot of clean-up, some information architecture, some governance.”

To achieve this, Dave needed access to usage metrics for both companies’ tenants to optimize the consolidation.

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The insights we gleaned from tyGraph helped us identify what was needed and what was not. By getting rid of redundant, outdated data and focusing our time and energy on recreating and designing used and relevant content, we were able to create a far better user experience in the new tenant.

Dave Feldman
Head of Digital Workplace Delivery, Takeda

The AvePoint Solution

In the previous merger, Dave leveraged insights from AvePoint tyGraph to successfully consolidate seven on-premises environments and two Microsoft 365 (M365) tenants into a single tenant. Because of its efficacy during the other project, Dave turned to tyGraph to optimize the Shire/Takeda consolidation.

tyGraph captures a 360-degree view of Microsoft 365, providing advanced analytics and visualizations into user activity, engagement, and sentiment. The real-time insights help data owners understand what’s trending, popular, or no longer useful as well as user, departmental, and regional levels of technology adoption.

Dave used tyGraph to analyze both companies’ content in Microsoft 365, identifying usage patterns like Yammer groups being used, key tools, popular SharePoint sites, and necessary CSS and JavaScript files. With this information, he was able to determine how important each site and each piece of content was, dictating where to invest the most resources during the consolidation.

Dave explains, “If you’re recreating 1,000 sites, they can only be so good. But if you’re only recreating 50 sites, you can put more effort into each and spend more time focusing on the information architecture, the design, the content.”

tyGraph also captures metrics for technology adoption, measuring the impact of transformations like the Takeda/Shire consolidation. Dave used these insights to track adoption post-migration, watching “usage start to decline on the old tenants and start to go up on the new tenant. Being able to monitor the whole process really helps us understand what’s happening in our collaboration and communication investments and how users are changing behavior during modernization.”

The information tyGraph delivers goes beyond any insights you can uncover natively. Using tyGraph’s metrics, Dave identified an anomaly in the new environment, a site called “Values” from the acquired company – a company that no longer existed. Yet it was one of the top utilized sites, with 31,000 users regularly opening this folder, which set off alarm bells for Dave.

“Your first inclination would be to immediately take down the site collection. However, had I just deleted the entire ‘Values’ site collection, I would’ve taken down the entire intranet,” Dave says. “There was a file called responsive.css that happened to live within that site, which is what the 31,000 users were loading. What’s actually being utilized in sites isn’t always what you think. If you focus on just out-of-the-box metrics, it’ll show you the webpages and documents being hit, but not the entire story.”

The biggest value Takeda gained from tyGraph was an improved end-user experience. Dave explains, “The insights we gleaned from tyGraph helped us identify what was needed and what was not. By getting rid of redundant, outdated data and focusing our time and energy on recreating and designing used and relevant content, we were able to create a far better user experience in the new tenant.”

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The Road Ahead

With tyGraph, Takeda was able to optimize their consolidation. Dave says, “The Microsoft 365 usage patterns offered us a better understanding of our environment, helping scope the project upfront and create an improved user experience at the conclusion of the consolidation. Then, being able to monitor usage during and after the migration, we can track and assess the impact of our transformation efforts.”

No matter the change, more information can help drive better decision-making and a bigger impact. Ultimately, tyGraph’s insights offered more effective change management for Takeda, both from a strategic consolidation and operational perspective, helping ensure sustainable adoption of their new, centralized tenant.

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