Workplace Wellness at AvePoint

Post Date: 06/11/2018
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Promoting a healthy lifestyle is an important part of AvePoint’s company culture. Leading a healthy life can contribute positively to employees’ overall health and decrease the risk of chronic diseases. Workplace wellness can also positively impact employee satisfaction and productivity. Our wellness program at AvePoint encourages our staff to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. A few of the ways we do this are by:

  • Providing standing desks in some offices, which can increase focus, circulation, and improve posture
  • Offering healthy and delicious snack boxes in select offices
  • Encouraging colleagues to sign up for races as a group, hosting informal “fitness hours” weekly, or participating in health-related office- or company-wide events

International Race in Dalian

We’re proud to have many avid runners at AvePoint. Recently, more than 70 employees participated in the Dalian International Marathon held on May 13th. This race is one of the oldest marathons in China, having been around since 1987, and includes four race distances: the marathon (26.2 miles), half-marathon (13.1 miles), 10K, and 4.2K.



All offices were invited to join in on this international activity, and some employees were even daring enough to run the full marathon! Our HR team in Dalian arranged and scheduled the day of events so everyone could focus on the events and enjoy them to the fullest!

Teacup Piglets in Jersey City

Our Jersey City office had a few special visitors in early June: teacup piglets! As it turns out, having animals at the office leads to a whole host of health benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and lowered stress levels. Studies have also shown that animals at work can boost creativity and focus. The afternoon of pig therapy was a success and enjoyed by all!


Global Steps Challenge

For the entire month of May, we hosted our 2nd annual “Walk into Wellness” challenge. This is a yearly tradition where our global staff tracks their steps through a free fitness app which then accumulates an overall average of steps within our regional offices. The challenge encourages friendly competition between offices, and the winning team is awarded with a wellness-related activity of their choice. Congratulations are in order to the Beijing team for walking away with the #1 spot! Our Operations team will join forces with our winning participants in Beijing to choose a wellness-related activity—or something else super fun—as their prize. Tokyo and Singapore offices also made it look like a cakewalk in second and third place.

AvePoint continues to promote well-being throughout our global offices in an effort to create a healthy and thriving work environment. You can learn more about life at AvePoint in our Culture Book here!

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