How to Excel in Your Career at AvePoint

Post Date: 09/10/2020
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The desire for professional development and career growth comes up in nearly every recruitment call with candidates. This isn’t surprising to our Talent Acquisition team since no one wants to feel stuck or bored in a job without room for growth! Career development—the process of learning, improving, and advancing one’s career path—is one of the top factors in employee job satisfaction.

At AvePoint, we strive to fuel our employees’ passions and curiosity for their work through advancement opportunities. Here’s what a couple of our People team members had to say about what career advancement looks like at AvePoint.

What opportunities or routes for career growth are offered at AvePoint?

The sky is the limit! You’ll hear many tenured AvePointers talk about their journey here, and where they are today is often a place they couldn’t have dreamt of on day one. This is a result of AvePoint’s highly agile and adaptive nature. New roles and even entire departments have been created over the years as we pivot our business forward.

There are the traditional opportunities of “climbing the ladder” as well as organic growth opportunities based on one’s strengths and scope of work. For each path, it’s important to have creativity and confidence beyond your job description. And regardless of the path you decide to take, AvePoint has growth opportunities for everyone.

Outside of a job promotion, what other offerings does AvePoint provide for advancement?

• Tuition Reimbursement: This program doesn’t just include university degrees or classes! Rather, it can be used towards external trainings, classes, or certifications to help develop skills and prep for that dream role. We’ve seen plenty of employees use these funds towards certifications like: PMP, MCSE, PHR/SHRM-CP, and MBA programs.

• Personal Development Reimbursement: This program is geared towards employees’ hobbies outside of work. Activities we’ve funded in the past include: a barbeque judge certification, fitness club memberships, annual ski passes, Mom & Me classes, and so many more. When our staff can tap into fun activities outside of work, it helps to create a healthier work-life balance.

What is the performance review process like at AvePoint? How often does it occur?

Owning your destiny here means coming to the table with your vision, goals, and aspirations. We have two annual Performance Reviews. The mid-year review focuses on how our staff emulates our three core values—Agility, Passion, and Teamwork—in their day-to-day roles and projects. By contrast, our year-end review focuses on an employee’s specific role, team, and goals. It’s during the review process that managers consider promotions.

Although we have these formal touch points twice a year, we still encourage managers and employees to meet regularly with one another, be it once a week, once a month, or somewhere in-between. These informal meetings help the reviews act as the bow tying together all the smaller conversations over the full-year cycle.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to advance their career at AvePoint?

If you see a cool or necessary opportunity to improve something, everyone here is encouraged to get new ideas off the ground. Present your idea to your manager and own the follow-through. Your manager is your biggest cheerleader, but you must put a plan into motion for career advancement to happen. Also, be transparent with your manager and the People Team regarding what you’d like to accomplish. No one is a mind-reader. If you’re interested in something new, let us know!

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or non-traditional career path, everyone has the opportunity to own their destiny at AvePoint and grow personally and professionally!

Melissa Fingerhut's journey with AvePoint began in 2013. As the leader of global talent acquisition, she has dedicated her career to mastering the art of recruiting in the tech industry. Melissa takes pride in helping AvePoint discover exceptional talent and expand their horizons.

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