What Makes AvePoint Tick? A Close Look at Our 3 Core Values


Our workplace culture and talented staff are what make us unique at AvePoint. As we’ve grown quite a bit since our values were first established, we took the opportunity in early 2017 to refresh our core values and create an employee value proposition (EVP). When we first set out on this initiative, we had a few goals in mind:

  • We wanted to determine a set of values that are the best interpretation of our business and what our employees value.
  • We wanted to create an employee value proposition that would tell a compelling story about our work and unique offerings across our global offices.
  • We would involve our global staff and executive team throughout the entire process to ensure we stayed oriented to our people!

To kick everything off, we surveyed our global staff, asking everyone which values were most personal and important to them. After analyzing the surveys, we conducted focus group sessions to gather stories about our workplace as they relate to our new set of values. With the support of the executive team, we determined the following values: Agility, Passion, and Teamwork. These ring true to our culture and spirit and are easy to remember because the letters make up our company name, APT = AvePoint!

Learn about the evolution of our core values in this YouTube video!


What does agility mean to us? It means that we value quick, informed decision-making to meet and exceed customer expectations. We subscribe to a growth mindset, which contributes to our entrepreneurial and learning spirit.

How do we value agility?

  • We’re a strengths-based organization, allowing employees the opportunity to learn more about what they do best and apply their talents through supportive resources on a daily basis.
  • We have offices across the globe, allowing us to respond quickly to customer needs with 24/7 live customer support offered in five different languages.
  • For almost two decades, we have been a pioneer in collaboration technologies through our data management, migration and protection solutions. We meet market demands quickly and develop software solutions organically.


What does passion mean to us? It means that drive and energy are contagious here; we are not just going through motions. We do things that are impactful and, as a result, amplify our customers’ success.

How do we value passion?

  • We highly value our employees’ professional development and encourage them to pursue their passions both inside and outside of the office.
  • Our employees are heavily engaged, both with our customers and within the industry (we participate in over 50 events per year).
  • Everyone at AvePoint works closely to ensure customer success. Our commitment to the customer experience is the number one reason why customers select AvePoint over competitors.


What does teamwork mean to us? It means we are invested in the success of our colleagues, partners, customers, and community. We do this by promoting global collaboration and taking pride in helping, sharing, mentoring, and coaching each other.

How do we value teamwork?

  • We use the latest and greatest cloud and mobile technologies to work cohesively on a global scale. We have world-class, open working spaces for our employees to easily engage and share ideas.
  • We all work together to contribute toward our AvePoint Philanthropy program, which is dedicated to impacting humanity and driving change through technology, community, and education.
  • We work closely with a network of hundreds of industry leaders. We have received numerous awards and accolades for our work with partners, and we’re a Microsoft Partner of the Year four years running.

Once we had our final list of values, we created our employee value proposition (EVP) statement, “Unleash the power of you.”

Check out our EVP video on YouTube!

What does “unleash the power of you” mean to us? It means we’ve built an environment for lifelong learners to go to the next level, sharpen their skillsets, and develop professionally and personally. Small failures are experimental, mentors will guide you, and you’re trusted and empowered to bring your full talents to the table. That’s how we’re unleashing the power of our employees at AvePoint.

The refreshing of our core values and creation of our EVP has and will continue to help us hire the right people and build upon our strong culture. As our values and EVP also unify our employees, we look forward to celebrating them in our workplace daily!

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