The Origins of Black History Month in the UK

The roots of Black History Month in the United Kingdom can be traced back to the activism and determination of Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, a Ghanaian-born educational consultant, and special projects coordinator. In the early 1980s,...

Honoring Freedom and Empowering Change: Black AvePoint Excellence’s Juneteenth Gala

Today, diversity and inclusion have emerged as vital elements for success. AvePoint understands the significance of fostering an inclusive workplace environment. One of the ways AvePoint is championing diversity and empowering underrepresented communities is...

International Women’s Day: Our Commitment to Women in Technology 

Over the past five years, AvePoint’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) Women in Technology has grown from one individual’s idea to a global community that’s committed to making positive change for women. As we celebrate...

Women’s History Month: How to Elevate Women and #EmbraceEquity 

Women’s History Month is a chance to celebrate the women who have advocated for equality in the workforce and the progress we’ve made. In 1950, less than one third of the workforce comprised of...

AvePoint Honors Black History Month

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month, which honors the contributions of African Americans to U.S. history. Starting as a week-long observance in 1926, it is now a month-long celebration with the month...

Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month

Join us as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by honoring its origins and showing a few ways you can chip in to help make a difference.

Honoring Juneteenth

Hear from AvePoint's IDEA committee on the significance of Juneteenth and how you can take part in observing the national holiday.

In Practice: #BreakTheBias

This International Women’s Day, join members of our AvePoint’s Women in Technology Employee Resource Group (WIT ERG) and allies for a sneak peek into a discussion with different multiple perspectives of how we #BreakTheBias. This conversation is an inside peek to internal conversations on - how we see change in action. We’ll be streaming on LinkedIn Live, so comment and follow along there.

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