Agility at AvePoint: How We Roll with the Punches

Post Date: 07/22/2021
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At AvePoint we value Agility, Passion, and Teamwork in everything we do. This post will be the first in a series of three that will highlight our core values, explore how some of our teams focus on these values, and highlight a few of our employees around the globe who have been recognized for truly exemplifying those values.

First up, Agility. We value quick, informed decision-making to meet and exceed customer expectations. We subscribe to a growth mindset that contributes to our entrepreneurial and learning spirit. We look to bring fresh ideas to the table and create opportunities to learn, grow, and expand in our careers.

Our Sales teams collaborate with their virtual account teams to quickly respond to interested and potential prospects. They strive to close deals speedily to accelerate the time-to-value for both customers and AvePoint. Our Technical Solution teams create compelling value propositions supported by data and problem solve in real-time to understand the ultimate goals of the project and prioritize their primary concerns. Our Finance and Accounting teams quickly and accurately adapt to effectively support how the business continues to develop in a fast-changing environment.

Let’s hear from a few of our employees who have recently been recognized for their display of Agility!

Faye Cooper, Associate GM UK & EMEA Operations Manager, London

“Agility to me means always being open and ready to pivot strategy to best align with business needs. In Operations that could be supporting colleagues who are travelling, organizing company events, or managing office moves!”

Austin Han, ACS Delivery Manager, Munich

“Agility is the key factor in chasing the rapid pace of the modern world, especially in a high-tech industry like IT. It means being responsive, responsible, and adaptive to both AvePointers and customers to achieve higher retention and greater loyalty.”

Sierra Doucette, Business Development, Team Lead, Richmond

“To me, Agility is being able to move quickly between different projects and finding new & creative solutions to challenges. It’s a huge part of the business development role as we are always trying different ways to reach customers and constantly rethinking our strategy.”

For the last 20 years, the Agility of our employees is what has gotten us to where we are today. Hard work and dedication mixed with great skill and the willingness to try just about anything is at the core of everything we do. Stay tuned for next month when we tackle Passion!

Zoe Wilson is a People Partner for AvePoint's North America Sales, IT, and Security teams. Because AvePoint's core values are so prevalent in each colleague, Zoe enjoys celebrating and writing about our Peer Recognition Winners every quarter.

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