Webinar - July 13, 11:00AM

Virtual Launch Event! NEW AvePoint Global Partner Program

Join us for the launch of the new AvePoint Global Partner Program. Learn everything you need to know about working with AvePoint and understand the new, exciting and profitable partner experience.

Webinar - August 25, 11:00AM

Back Up & Restore med Microsoft Teams: Även på distans!

Minska belastningen på dina IT-administratörer genom att möjliggöra användare att återställa förlorat eller borttaget innehåll och uppgifter i Teams!


How to Create Great Learning Experiences and Optimize Education Administration with Technology

How technology and advanced learning management systems can provide engaging content delivery and effective assessments in a digital format by leveraging Microsoft 365 and third-party solutions.

Webinar - July 1, 11:00AM

How To Set Up Your “Restore Admins” In Cloud Backup

In this 30-minute lab we’ll show you how to navigate the Cloud Backup interface to scope region or service specific administrators to JUST have the ability to restore, without giving up access to configuration or data for other scopes.


Impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Collaboration

Learn how over 200 organisations in the UK enabled seamless business continuity amid COVID-19, where they face security challenges today, and what they are prioritising in the next six months.


Increase Your Microsoft 365 Services Revenue with Collaboration Security Solutions

Learn how partnering with AvePoint can maximize services revenue by addressing your customers most pressing collaboration security needs to drive value and demand.

Webinar - June 30, 11:00AM

M365 Spring Cleaning: Disposing Zombie Teams

Is your collaboration environment littered with owner-less or deserted zombie Teams? Our experts will show you how to clean up your Microsoft Teams at scale using both native Microsoft 365 functionality and third-party solutions.


One Dream, One Team, One Collaboration Environment

Learn how to consolidate your collaboration environment to maintain productivity, compliance, and security in one Microsoft 365 tenant in just 5 simple steps.

Webinar - June 23, 11:00AM

Watch Us Lose Microsoft 365 Data

Evaluate the likelihood and severity of 6 data loss scenarios so that you are prepared to better protect your sensitive information in Microsoft 365.


Using Cloud Backup's Reporting To Better Protect Your Data

Learn how to configure Cloud Backup to seamlessly automate your data protection with features like Job Analytics, License Consumption Reports, and AVA.


AIIM 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Industry

A Wake-Up Call for Organization Leaders


Microsoft 365 Records Management Roadmap

What information managers can expect during digital transformation