Welcome to AvePoint’s Global Headquarters in Jersey City, NJ!

Post Date: 03/17/2021
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Welcome to Jersey City, New Jersey, home to AvePoint’s Global Headquarters! With breathtaking views of the New York City skyline, here is where it all started. In this office we have about 90 employees and a great mix of teams ranging from Sales to Tech Services, Channel, Product & Development, Administration, and many members of our senior leadership team. Read on to get a sense of what it’s like to work in this office!

Welcome to AvePoint’s Global Headquarters!

Our Jersey City office is an excellent location for those living in the suburbs of New Jersey or one of New York City’s five boroughs. There are many forms of public transportation available to employees traveling to the office; either by ferry boat, subway, the NJT light rail train, and of course, commuting by car.

Take the Path train from Manhattan, NYC to Jersey City
Take the NJT Light rail in from the New Jersey suburbs

Our Office Culture

Culture is the personality of a company. It’s made up of an organization’s mission, working environment, habits, and goals. A fun workplace culture not only boosts morale, but also greatly influences productivity.

Embracing our three core values of Agility, Passion, and Teamwork, we’ve created an open floor plan complete with desk groupings by departmental pods to facilitate open communication and collaboration while working. With so much natural light flooding in from each window, a community lounge area to relax and play Xbox or shuffleboard, relaxation pods, and standing desks with great views of the Empire State Building, it’s hard not to feel motivated and inspired every day!

Empire State Building views from our standing desks!
Relaxation pod
Natural light and an open concept floor plan to enable collaboration
Relax with a game of Xbox or shuffleboard in our community space

Team Building

Every quarter we get together for some fun in the city. Casually socializing outside of the workplace not only builds team cohesion, but it also encourages unique conversations across various departments.

Although in-office connection was not possible for our AvePoint Headquarters through most of 2020, our hope is to get back to our new normal as quickly and safely as possible. Whether it’s weekly happy hours on Thursday afternoons, river boat cruises for a quarterly outing, AvePoint Family Day, or a calendar holiday, these events are what allow for our teams to connect and build relationships with each other away from the daily grind of projects and tasks! Since we’re remote these days, here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to!

Employee Appreciation Day 2020 – who doesn’t love tacos and empanadas?
Lunar New Year

AvePoint Family Day at Liberty State Park

At our Jersey City office and all of our offices around the globe, we take pride in the community we’ve built for our employees. As we look to what this new year will bring, we can be proud of the community we’ve built through teamwork, the agility our teams show everyday through their hard work and dedication, and the passion we all have for continuing onward and upward!

Make sure to check out our Jersey City Office Highlight to get a day-in-the-life view by visiting AvePoint’s Instagram. Check out our open positions in the Jersey City office today!

Zoe Wilson is a People Partner for AvePoint's North America Sales, IT, and Security teams. Because AvePoint's core values are so prevalent in each colleague, Zoe enjoys celebrating and writing about our Peer Recognition Winners every quarter.

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