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Post Date: 11/07/2019
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At AvePoint, we love celebrating our hardworking, talented employees, and our People Recognition program is just one of the ways we can acknowledge them on a global stage! AvePoint’s People Recognition program is celebrated quarterly during our global town hall meetings, and we’re planning to highlight the winners in this reoccurring blog post.

We accept nominations all year, and we encourage you to nominate anyone who embodies our core values of Agility, Passion, and Teamwork!

Now let’s meet our 6 winners from Q2 and Q3 of 2019:

Miho Ingaki
Manager of Global Delivery, Tokyo
Recognized for Agility: 2019 Q2

Miho’s drive and positive energy help to ensure the Customers’ success in project delivery and deployment shows strong agility!

What’s something you would always see on Miho’s desk?
Pineapple-related things, candies, souvenirs from some of our global offices, plants (that are usually browning), and lots of Post-It notes – her desk resembles a Kanban board.


Abdallah Amonette
Technical Support Engineer, Tier 1, Richmond
Recognized for Passion: 2019 Q2

Abdallah has been a high performer on the Support Team by consistently closing over 80 cases a month. An exceptional amount of work and great efficiency goes into an achievement like Abdallah’s.

What keeps Abdallah busy outside of the office?
He enjoys mountain biking, playing video games, and relaxing in his bachelor pad. Though sometimes we speculate he spends his time at home closing cases. How else does he do it?!


Oscar Lundkvist
Mid-Market Account Executive, London
Recognized for Teamwork: 2019 Q2

Oscar defines the phrase “team player.” As the only Region 4 team member siting outside of Region 4, Oscar goes above and beyond to help both his team members siting in the Hague as well as those he sits with in London. He is always positive, energetic, and a great portrayal of Teamwork!

What is Oscar most likely to be eating for lunch in the office?
Oscar gets Vietnamese food from this restaurant called “Pho” a lot. It’s one of his favourite places near the office!

Joanne Chang
Associate Marketing Manager, Melbourne
Recognized for Passion: 2019 Q3

Joanne’s dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for not only all things marketing but AvePoint as well are unquestionable. She has organized multiple events for H2 and has had outstanding attendance rates working closely with other teams to make sure the events run smoothly.

What’s a fun fact about Joanne?
Joanne is a master at nunchucks…seriously, it’s both impressive and terrifying!

Sam Long
ACS-Strategic Consultants, Singapore
Recognized for Teamwork: 2019 Q3

Sam leads the Delivery, Support, and Customer Success teams out of Singapore. He has collaborated with different teams to deliver service beyond many customer’s expectations. Thank you for your teamwork, Sam!

What is Sam most likely doing out of office?
Sam spends a lot of time with his family, and when he has free time he can be found playing basketball with friends.

Erik Wilson
Service Engineer, Richmond
Recognized for Agility: 2019 Q3

Erik shows agility in many of the projects he works on. He understands the bigger picture and has the right attitude. Erik goes the extra mile to help even if the needs don’t pertain to his immediate responsibilities.

What is Erik most likely doing out of the office?
Outside of work Erik can be found refereeing soccer, spending time outdoors, or hunting in the woods.


AvePoint’s Employee Recognition program is another way to continue building culture, highlighting achievements, and creating international visibility across the organization. Be sure to look out for future People Team communications to get your nominations in for Q4 2019!

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