Top 5 Data Security Blog Posts of 2022

Post Date: 12/29/2022
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In the latest installment of our series covering the most popular AvePoint blogs of 2022, we’ll explore posts focused on data security.  

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Covering topics from Multi-Factor Authentication to ransomware and phishing, here are the five most popular data security blog posts of 2022.  

  1. How to Develop Microsoft 365 Data Protection and Governance Strategies

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Building an effective data protection strategy for Microsoft 365 can be incredibly difficult, especially if there’s resistance from employees or a lack of tools to smooth out the process. We sat down with Matthew Bookspan, CEO of Blacktip, an MSP based in Orlando, FL, to get his take on how businesses should approach creating a data protection plan that keeps organizations secure.  

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  1. Ransomware Attacks: How to Prevent, Respond, & Recover


Ransomware attacks are occurring at an all-time high as organizations continue to adapt to the realities of remote work. It’s clearer than ever before that IT admins need  to implement robust security policies and procedures to prepare for these attacks. We brought together our top security experts to discuss how to prevent, respond, and recover from ransomware attacks.  

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  1. 3 Ways to Effectively Educate Users About Phishing Attacks


Even at a time when more users are becoming mindful of ransomware attacks, phishing remains a tricky affair. While current anti-phishing technologies can help prevent or decrease the attacks at the very least, we’re still seeing phishing scams get through security barricades. We covered one of the most important steps you can take: to educate your employees about phishing – what it is, how to detect it, and what to do.  

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  1. Phished? What To Do (and What Not To Do) in Exchange 365


As the second most common attack vector, preparing for phishing attacks requires a strategic incident response procedure to mitigate and contain any related risks. With the growing complexity of phishing attacks, it’s becoming harder to identify if you’ve become infected.

Whether you’re coming up with your incident response plan or actually looking for a guide after being attacked, read on as we go over what you should do if you’re phished in Exchange 365. 

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  1. How to Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Microsoft 365

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As cybersecurity threats continue to be prevalent, IT leaders have been forced to level up security measures to better protect their organizations from various risks. It’s becoming even more relevant as business leaders perceive cybersecurity-related risks as business risks, according to a Gartner survey.

While there are multiple layers of protection to deploy, it’s best to start with your frontline security—identity management—as it’s not only one of the top security risks Gartner has seen in the past year, but it helps provide a good defense against possible attacks. 

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