Top 5 SharePoint & Hybrid Blog Posts of 2022

Post Date: 12/28/2022
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In the latest installment of our most popular AvePoint blogs of 2022, we’ll explore posts focused on Microsoft SharePoint.  

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There was high interest in new SharePoint features such as SharePoint Spaces as well as helpful information on how to enable virtual data rooms, external sharing and optimize SharePoint sites. Here are the five most popular SharePoint blog posts of 2022.  

  1. What Are SharePoint Spaces?

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In today’s digital era, there’s an overwhelming amount of data to learn at any given time. How can you ensure that you’re retaining the information you need to retain while being engaged enough in the way you work and learn?

This is where the creation of immersive work models and learning environments comes in. Through the help of innovative technology like SharePoint Spaces, organizations around the world are able to onboard new hires and teach existing employees with relative ease. 

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  1. When It Comes to Virtual Data Rooms, SharePoint or Share Elsewhere?


The journey to becoming a publicly listed company is complex, difficult, and requires coordination across several–often unrelated–parties. Thinking back on AvePoint’s own experience of going public, we shared some of the challenges we faced and the virtual data room solutions we implemented while collaborating on this highly confidential project.  

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  1. A Dive Into the SharePoint Recycle Bin and Data Restoration

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Microsoft 365 provides a vast range of solutions and tools such as Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams that bring effective communication to organizations. While they elevate the collaboration experience of employees, data loss is always a looming threat no matter which tools you use. Hence, backing up your data should always be prioritized.

We covered how to leverage the recycle bin functionality in SharePoint in accordance with your organization’s needs and requirements.  

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  1. How to Create Collapsible Sections and More in SharePoint Sites


Ever wanted to create a FAQ page with tons of questions on a SharePoint Online page but tore your hair out because the pages ran so long that they were impossible to navigate? Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the ability for page authors to expand and collapse sections to ease navigation and the user experience. We broke down how you could set up collapsible sections in SharePoint pages and customize them.  

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  1. A Quick Guide to External Sharing in SharePoint Online


Convenient knowledge sharing is a vital component of productive collaboration. While we used to primarily depend on email to share content, SharePoint presented better means to collaborate with internal and external users.

While SharePoint’s external sharing capabilities provide a better way to connect with people and groups outside your organization, it can also incite security concerns when not managed properly. We covered everything you need to know about external sharing with SharePoint Online.  

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