AvePoint EnPower: The Next Generation of SaaS Management

Post Date: 08/16/2023
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Earlier today, we announced the introduction of AvePoint EnPower, our innovative solution that improves SaaS management across Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. Formerly known as AvePoint Entrust, the rebrand reflects a significant evolution of our capabilities, providing organizations with advanced tools to proactively analyze, govern, and optimize their SaaS management and operations.

Getting this right has never been more important. With companies relying on applications and digital workspaces more than ever – Gartner estimates organizations manage an average of 125 different SaaS applications – the need to streamline processes and optimize SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 or Power Platform, and all the workspaces they contain, has become critical, or risk facing ongoing maintenance and security challenges that hinder productivity and progress.

The key is to give organizations not just granular visibility into what needs attention in their digital workspaces, but also enable them to take immediate and automated action on those insights. With AvePoint EnPower’s advanced capabilities, you get this functionality and more, driving operational efficiency and automated governance that creates a seamless digital workplace experience for end users.

SaaS Management Capabilities Continue to Grow in AvePoint EnPower

In early 2022, we launched the Entrust solution with the goal to streamline the management of Microsoft 365 admins, processes, and data insights. Since then, we have continued to innovate and expand on that vision with more features and supported SaaS applications:

Microsoft 365, Teams Calling, AND Power Platform management under one roof

Building on top of what we originally provided for managing Microsoft 365 users, Groups, and workspaces, organizations can use AvePoint EnPower to expand and centralize their management strategy to include Power Platform. Organizations can now, from a single pane of glass, gain:

  • Enlightened Insights Every Step: AvePoint EnPower offers complete visibility, from understanding adoption and where there may be a security risk to orphaned objects and workspaces, all through customizable dashboards.
  • Critical Information at Your Fingertips: The dynamic nature of digital workplace systems means it is hard to understand what’s happening where. AvePoint EnPower enables you to easily audit objects and workspaces using metadata and understand if it’s out of policy, missing business context, or if it is orphaned. Achieve greater levels of security and management without sacrificing time or resources.
  • Tackle Issues Quickly: Free, open sharing and collaboration requires a strong alignment between IT and owners of the objects and workspaces. With AvePoint EnPower, IT can quickly identify issues regarding ownership, policy, or data sensitivity, and take individual or bulk action straight from the inventory list. In addition, take further corrective action by triggering or scheduling a renewal allowing the owner to confirm critical details about the object or workspace.
  • Least-privileged permissions for the modern workplace: Operations and management teams need to evolve and change to support new digital workplace applications and innovations. AvePoint EnPower tailors and delegates administration by service, scope and function across tenants and environments, giving each user focus on the task at hand. In addition, now you can expand and scale who manages day-to-day tasks by including departments like HR, business unit managers, or country-specific administrators.

Workflows: Scaling and optimizing IT through process building and automation

Organizations continue to keep a close eye on the bottom line, which means IT teams continue to have to work lean as the number of applications under management continues to build.

AvePoint EnPower enables organizations to set up detailed, manual, or automated workflows that advance and streamline operations. From resetting passwords and onboarding a new employee to object and workspace lifecycle management to discovery of Power Platform objects that have become business critical and need to move to a more managed environment, streamlined operations give your team time to focus on objectives that create value for the business.

Going beyond native DLP to protect Power Platform objects and environments

As organizations encourage employees to transform the business digitally, many are turning to Power Platform. While self-service to low-code platforms like Power Platform can drive modernization, open access to create powerful apps, flows, and reports can have unintended consequences, from new security risks like data exfiltration to the overexposure of sensitive information.

Going beyond native data loss protection (DLP) policies, AvePoint EnPower enables the ability to not only attach the proper DLP to an environment or object, but granularly define “allowed” or “restricted” Connector actions and define “allowed” or “restricted” collaborators in the environment.

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A Platform Approach for Complete SaaS Management and SaaS Operations

Both within the AvePoint Confidence Platform’s Control Suite, AvePoint EnPower and Cloud Governance’s symbiotic relationship bring a comprehensive SaaS management and governance model to organizations. As noted above, AvePoint EnPower equips admins with visibility, operational efficiency, and additional security over Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. Combining it with Cloud Governance’s ability to create an intelligent object and workspace lifecycle model, along with end-user interaction and recertification and approval workflows, ensures a strong foundation as organizations evolve their digital workplace program and strategies.

For example, AvePoint EnPower can send organizations an alert that it needs to kick off a workflow to renew a Team within Microsoft 365 or assign permissions to new users. In seconds, administrators can trigger these workflows within Cloud Governance, directly from AvePoint EnPower.

Dean Sürig, an IT Project Manager at VEKA Group, a German manufacturing company, experienced first-hand the powerful interoperability of these two AvePoint products. As a result of implementing the two solutions, VEKA Group achieved a significant return on investment by reducing the overall cost for SaaS management and minimizing complexity. Further, the platform approach makes it simple to derive key insights and take action immediately, which is critical in today’s fast-paced digital workplace.

Beyond creating a lifecycle management process with end-users, other Cloud Governance key features include automatic classification, and labeling, policy enforcement, data retention, eDiscovery, and access and permissions management.

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Looking Ahead: It All Comes Back to the AvePoint Confidence Platform’s Advanced Data Engine

Our vision for AvePoint EnPower and our entire Confidence Platform is to enable organizations to navigate through the complex landscape of a digital workplace and create sustainable practices. Specifically, for the Control Suite, that means creating a framework that supports policy, governance, and compliance requirements while not hindering the velocity of digital transformation in the organization.

To accomplish this vision, we will continue to build out our data orchestration engine that lives within our platform and take advantage of the rich insights it can provide, such as business context, data ownership, and access rights, in new ways. This data orchestration engine also provides the foundation for game-changing innovation, like generative AI and machine learning.

At AvePoint, we are always looking ahead to ensure that the Confidence Platform will allow your organization to collaborate with confidence into the future. While there is no crystal ball to foretell where the digital workplace will be in three, five, or ten years, we will continue to innovate and deliver advanced functionality that will enable your organization to keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Bringing it All Together

We are thrilled to take this exciting step in our continued evolution to deliver the insights and actions organizations need to advance their SaaS management and operations. With AvePoint EnPower’s advanced capabilities for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, organizations can now benefit from granular insights and automated actions to manage their SaaS applications.

AvePoint EnPower offers automated admin workflows and rich management interfaces, insights, and reports with granular action, enabling IT admins to streamline their SaaS management and optimize their digital workspaces. Our platform approach means AvePoint EnPower complements Cloud Governance, providing a comprehensive SaaS management and governance solution to global organizations and making it easier to manage workspaces and objects in a more seamless and efficient way.

And the best is yet to come! As we continue to add more power and interoperability into our products, organizations can expect to unleash digital collaboration with scalability and control.

To learn more about AvePoint EnPower, visit our website.

John Peluso is AvePoint’s Chief Product Officer. In this role, he aligns product strategy with business strategy, leading the conception and design of software solutions with a focus on product market-fit and optimal customer value. Prior to this role, John has held several leadership roles over his 10+ year tenure at AvePoint, including SVP of Product Strategy, Director of Education, and Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector. Before coming to AvePoint, John held a variety of technology and business roles at New Horizons Northeast and New Horizons of Central and Northern NJ. He earned his undergraduate degree from The New School.

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