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Accelerate IT Agility

Boost operational efficiency while breaking down M365 admin permissions

Whether your organization has one or multiple tenants of Microsoft 365, the integration of services behind it has created complexity on how IT can control and secure what each administrator can see and do. Take back control and empower IT to work faster and get more done with AvePoint EnPower. Flex administration permissions monitor admin activity and quickly get to the root cause of an issue and take action.

As a large enterprise organization with multiple tenants, we've historically struggled to gain full visibility into our entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, which is why we are excited for the potential of EnPower to add consolidated and secure dashboards.

-Tiffany Fraser, Transformation Manager, WPP IT

Do More In Less Time. Align M365 With Your IT Operations.

  • Controlled Permissions
    Right-Size Administration

    A path to a least-privileged model for administrators

    Reduce risk and set each admin user up with the service, function, and scope they need to get the job done. With role-based access control (RBAC) architecture, daily tasks like onboarding a new employee, resetting a user's password, or creating a new resource mailbox, will only be accessible to admins who require it.

    Controlled Permissions
  • Adoption
    Maximize Adoption & ROI

    Do you know how your organization leverages M365?

    Ensure your organization gets the most out of Microsoft 365 with consolidated activity dashboards. Deep dive by application, users, or Groups and gain clear visibility into what is used the most and identify opportunities to increase utilization.

  • Visibility
    Actionable Insights

    Discover and act on critical M365 management

    Centralized M365 visibility will only get you so far. Equip admins to take immediate action on issues by drilling down to the root cause from dashboards and remediating either individually or in bulk.

  • Monitor
    Centralize & Monitor Activity

    Audit ALL admin user activity in real-time

    Centralize all activities your admin users complete in M365. Quickly understand why a task could not be completed or who may have made an unintentional change that could go against policy.

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Endless Management Possibilities

One or multiple tenant support

Have one, two, or many tenants of M365? AvePoint EnPower is built with the flexibility to manage one or multiple tenants in one single window. As your business needs change (i.e. mergers, new locations) AvePoint EnPower can seamlessly change with those needs, never losing visibility or control.


For Exchange, Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Azure Active Directory, and Groups, breakdown administration permissions and give admin access to only what they need.

Consolidate multiple tenants

Manage multiple tenants in one place and control who has access to which one, ensuring admin policies are adhered to in each one.

Audit log

Quickly generate and export admin user audit reports for Exchange, Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Azure Active Directory, and Groups.

Monitor jobs

Understand whether a job was successful or unsuccessful. For those unsuccessful, dig into the root cause and fix it.

Track M365 adoption

Understand how users leverage M365 with dashboards such as user activity, M365 apps, and user activation charts.

Centralize Activity

Thru application dashboards surface critical information in one pane and act immediately.

Storage Quota

Group mailboxes, SharePoint sites, OneDrive - monitor storage across M365.

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