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You Got PowerApps in My SharePoint 2019! How PowerApps and Flow Improve Customization

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One of the things we’re most excited to see—and expect most customers will be excited to see, too—is the expanded customization available in SharePoint Server 2019.

The new platform can integrate with Power Apps and Flow, so creating custom workflows and adding new solutions to the environment is a cinch. (Note: PowerApps licenses are required for this functionality).

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Flow and PowerApps empower end users to discover and implement customizations as they need them, whereas previously they needed to submit a ticket and wait for the customization to be coded.

For example, with Flow and PowerApps you can build an Expense Approval using a point-and-click app design that leverages modern lists and libraries within SharePoint. From there you can easily publish to the web, iOS, Android and Windows 10.

SharePoint admins will be excited to hear this new integration is a great option for transforming existing InfoPath forms into a more modern environment. This allows you to better prepare for the inevitable InfoPath depreciation.

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Just deploy the Microsoft On-Premises data gateway to use Flow and PowerApps for your SharePoint 2019 deployment. And if that’s not exciting enough, you can also use this gateway to empower your FileShares, SQL and other data sources with modern capabilities delivered from the cloud. Click here for additional information on how to deploy the on-premises data gateway.

What’s more, customers using legacy versions of SharePoint might find there are apps available to address whatever custom-coded solutions their organization may need.

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Previously, an admin might build or deploy a code-based solution into SharePoint. Now, the admin can leverage SharePoint Add-Ins.

Ultimately, this means the SharePoint environment will be easier to customize, less cluttered with code and more stable when updates are installed. However, this requires the removal of Sandbox Solutions to align developers with any future-focused SharePoint Framework.

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Brent Middleton
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