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Post Date: 06/01/2023
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The advent of the cloud has democratized technology, making it easy for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of resources they couldn’t 15 years ago. This evolution has directly contributed to growing business opportunities for managed service providers (MSPs) who serve these SMBs.

I sat down with Ben Hewison, Global Content Editor at CloudBlue, in a recent episode of Xaas the Mic podcast to talk about how the adoption of digital collaboration tools and maturing usage is driving growth opportunities for MSPs – and how AvePoint’s uniquely qualified to help you take full advantage of this new market.

The Evolution of Technology and SMBs 

When digital collaboration tools like Microsoft 365 first came around, many businesses used them as a data repository, storing only a few workloads or some content there. When only some of your data is in the cloud, you are not nearly as concerned about governance or security; your most sensitive data is likely contained in legacy systems with protection settings you’ve relied on for years.  

However, as maturity increased and organizations started using Microsoft 365 as the central hub of how they do business, more and more sharing and collaborating happened with these tools. This resulted in more data (particularly sensitive data) being stored here, skyrocketing risk and presenting a host of new challenges.   

Small and medium-sized businesses, which very recently have been able to even invest in these technologies, don’t have the in-house headcount or expertise to tackle these challenges. That leaves MSPs prime to not only enable digital transformation for their customers, but deliver long-term, sustainable adoption by offering advanced services like governance, compliance, and security.  

How to Level Up Your Managed Services Portfolio with AvePoint

AvePoint is committed to creating technology that can help partners build a better business. We offer an array of robust technologies centered on helping you securely manage your customers’ collaboration ecosystem. They range from access backup and migration technologies to provisioning and access monitoring.

Here are three ways you can level up your managed services by partnering with AvePoint.

1. Start with foundational products

All businesses must begin their cloud journey with a migration. Whether from on-premises or hybrid environments, your customers will need a way to get into the cloud. By offering foundational services like data migration, you will have your foot in the door when it comes time for future services like governance and security.

Another fundamental service: backup. We understand SaaS providers like Microsoft and Google put the responsibility for data protection on their customers, but your clients, particularly if they are new to the cloud, likely do not. Once you have them fully in the cloud, you need to ensure they have a plan for backup and recovery as well.

Dutch MSP Lucrasoft leverages AvePoint Fly and Cloud Backup to offer migration and backup services to its customers, putting its customers at ease, without work or worry. It gives them a competitive edge, as the partner explains: “To perfectly fit the customer’s needs, MSPs need to find a solid suite of good products that represent their own company and what it stands for. With AvePoint, you get that power.”


2. Proactively address risk with advanced services

You got your customers into the cloud and their data is protected – right? Well, maybe.

Customers don’t know the inherent risk of collaboration – like external sharing – they just want to be productive. You can keep your customers safe and build your business by offering advanced services, like security and risk mitigation.

At AvePoint, we make it easy to deliver secure collaboration to your customers. Whether you want to offer recurring security health checks, on-demand recovery, ransomware protection, or ongoing asset and license reports, we can help.


Take our partner Securecom. In addition to backup, MSSP Securecom offers risk monitoring and remediation with AvePoint Policies & Insights. Together, Cloud Backup and Policies & Insights allow Securecom to deliver 24/7, enterprise-grade data protection and management. The partner says, “AvePoint has allowed us to provide top-quality and reliable solutions that have proven to be popular with our customers. Because they are SaaS solutions, they are continuously improved, with feature updates all the time, keeping pace with the marketing and demands of our customers.”

3. Scale with multi-tenant management  

As your business grows, you need scalability and automation, so your business can keep pace with your expanding customer base. That’s where AvePoint can help. 

AvePoint’s Elements Platform is a multi-tenant management platform that extends and differentiates your cloud services with migration, backup, security, and management products in a single, SaaS platform. In the platform, MSPs can manage multiple customers’ tenants in one platform, enabling you to scale and service more customers without additional burden.  

Partner Rapid Circle leverages Elements Platform to safely implement and manage AvePoint solutions for multiple customers without compromising control. The partner says: “The portal is incredibly valuable. We never have to log in to our customers’ environments to do the work we need to do. We can spin up trials, onboard new clients, configure the service, manage licenses, access reports – all within the platform. It takes a lot of the load off us.”  


Your customers’ cloud maturity will grow, and your services will need to mature alongside them to continue to build your business. By choosing a provider who can offer solutions that meet your customers’ needs, no matter where they are in their cloud journey, you will be well-positioned to take advantage of these growth opportunities.  

Next Steps 

With AvePoint security and data protection solutions in your managed service portfolio, you can get up to 3x return on your investment. But we know our partners are here to do more than deliver products; our easy-to-use, scalable Elements platform enables numerous management and security opportunities for MSPs to ensure you have what you need to grow your business.  

Ready to learn how AvePoint can help your business grow? Learn more about the AvePoint Partner Program or submit a partner application today.  


Scott is Senior Vice President of Business Development at AvePoint.

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