Security reporting, transformed.

Find, prioritize, fix, and enforce Microsoft 365 access controls.

PI makes it easy to run tenant-wide security reports. But how do you know if there’s an issue? PI aggregates sensitivity and activity data across your tenant, so your critical issues are prioritized for action. Then, edit in bulk, and set policies to be enforced automatically.

Microsoft made sharing easy. PI keeps your sharing secure.

  • Find & Monitor
    Monitor what’s important

    Enable central monitoring over Microsoft 365 security

    PI helps you monitor Microsoft 365, so you can easily answer critical questions for your security team: Who has access to sensitive data? Have they accessed it? Are any external users a threat?

    We help you get insights to answer critical security questions about your Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrives. You define what risk means to you – select the regulations or permissions controls you care about most! And we’ll do the rest.

    PI Icons 3 D find Monitor

    Easily identify exposure – such as content with anonymous links or Teams with shadow users

    Get the insight you need, fast, with tenant-wide object- or user-based search

    Monitor critical access control and sensitive data over time with dynamic dashboards

  • Prioritize & Fix
    Prioritize security issues

    Cut through the noise. Let admins focus only on critical Microsoft 365 security issues

    Enable your insights to tell a story. Add context to basic permissions reports. Cross-reference access controls with sensitivity and activity data. Easily identify issues including over-exposed sensitive content, over-active external users, shadow users, and other security concerns. Then, take action where it has the most impact.

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    Prioritize anonymous link or large groups for action based on content sensitivity

    Batch update out-of-policy permissions, anonymous links, shadow users, and more

    Lock down at-risk or sensitive content by expiring or removing permissions

  • Automate & enforce
    Automate security and access policies

    Scale IT. Revert configuration drift and security issues in near real-time

    Easily enforce policies for permissions and access controls – including for external users. Automatically detect, notify, and revert configuration drift and security issues. Our data pulls directly from Microsoft 365 security, activity, and compliance feeds. So, we’re not over-loading your tenant with crawls! That means policies for membership and access can be easily enforced as you grow.

    PI policy rules m365

    Build policies based on insights and best practices to enforce your tenant guidelines

    Revert or notify of configuration drift and security issues automatically

    Built to scale – so you can get insights and apply batch fixes in record time

  • Prove progress
    Prove your outcomes

    Demonstrate impacts of ad-hoc and automated security fixes

    Maintain a record of adoption and reduced exposure over time. Dashboards prove progress, so you can understand how well issues are being addressed. Demonstrate reduced risk for key stakeholders, to prove PI’s value to the business.

    PI Proof 0365

    Time-based dashboards demonstrate business impact of administrative actions

    Track your risk score over time to demonstrate your security posture

    Centrally audit administrative activity to keep track of actions and improvements

Built to scale, built to last

We use Microsoft’s own data to give you valuable insights, so we’re not crawling Microsoft 365, or adding to your throttle concerns. We do the dirty work of combining, parsing, and prioritizing your potential issues – so you don’t have to! Because what good are permissions reports without context? Admins can stay focused on what matters most.

Reduce collaboration risk

Reduce Collaboration Risk across Microsoft 365

Mitigate risk in Microsoft 365, to secure Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrives. Use this workbook to build with actionable plans, and learn how AvePoint can help!

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Mitigating Collaboration Risk Workbook

Learn how to build actionable plans to mitigate risk in Office 365 or any other collaboration workspace your organization uses

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Policies & Insights Features

Security Insights

Easily see who has access to what. Object- or user-based security searches give unmatched insight into Team, Group, SharePoint, and OneDrive permissions

Actionable Insights

Enable admins to take action to expire, remove, or edit permissions right from within reports.

External User Management

Easily monitor, control, and set access policies for external users, tailored for workspace purpose or metadata

Prioritized Permissions Issues

Highlight known and potential issues for content, prioritized based on content sensitivity

Microsoft Sensitive Information Types

Define risk with Microsoft’s sensitive information templates for your industry or region, or build your own within Microsoft 365 compliance center

Security Dashboards

Track exposure, including anonymous links and external user access, over time

Permissions Management

Add, edit, expire, or remove permissions for entire workspaces, or individual documents with sensitive information

Bulk Access Control

Update permissions in batch, directly from object- or user-based security reports

Automated Policy Enforcement

Ensures user actions will not violate content and security rules by automatically reverting out of policy changes in Microsoft 365.

Risk Scoring

Aggregate highly exposed content with sensitive information types to present a heat-map of at-risk data across Microsoft 365

Mitigating Collaboration Risk Workbook

Learn how to build actionable plans to mitigate risk in Office 365 or any other collaboration workspace your organization uses

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