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Enhancing the AvePoint Partner Program: Growing with Our Partners

To ensure that we’re continuing to meet the needs of our partners, AvePoint recently completed our first Semi-Annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey. The NPS Survey, which included partners from around the globe, helped us measure and track partner perceptions of AvePoint.  

We’re pleased to report the survey identified several areas partners find value in our program, as well as a few areas we can further enhance our Partner Program to help our partners continue to grow and succeed. In this post, we’ll discuss the findings from the survey and how they will shape the future of our Partner Program.   

The Value of the AvePoint Partner Program 

According to our partners, there are several areas of the Partner Program that add value to their businesses:  

Product and Relationship Quality  

Partners express positive feedback on both AvePoint products and the relationship we have built together. They describe our products as great and highlight the cooperative relationship built on trust. Our sales and technical teams are recognized for their expertise and professionalism.  

Support and Collaboration  

Partners value the direct contact and care provided by the AvePoint team. The support offered was received as competent and of high quality, and our partners experience fast and exclusive support. AvePoint has earned the trust of its partners, establishing ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner. 

Ease of Use and Overall Experience 

Our partners have praised us for being user-friendly, with easy setup and seamless operation. Our products are well-regarded, with positive case studies. We’ve made it easier for partners to submit feature requests and track them. The partner onboarding process is well-structured, and the overall experience with AvePoint has been excellent. AvePoint is known for being easy to work with, offering great backup solutions, and providing reliable tools for migrating content to Microsoft 365.  

We’re thrilled to receive such positive feedback from our partners in these areas and will strive to continue to provide the same value and support our partners have come to expect and appreciate.  

AvePoint Net Promoter Score NPS Survey

Driving Partner Success with Program Enhancements 

Improve Partner Engagement/Communication 

We recognize the importance of seamless communication and engagement with our partners. To enhance our partnership experience, we will develop measures to improve communication and engagement methods. These enhancements aim to streamline onboarding and provide more comprehensive assistance, especially for partners who have limited interactions with AvePoint. 

Updates to Assets & Certifications 

To empower our partners with comprehensive knowledge about AvePoint products, we will work to create diverse assets and certifications that cover both product overviews and technical details as well as how to develop services by leveraging AvePoint products. Furthermore, to enhance accessibility, more materials will be translated into multiple languages. 

Improve License Experience 

We acknowledge the need for an improved license experience, particularly around NFR/IUR license. We intend to assess what can be done. By doing so, we aim to reduce response times and eliminate confusion surrounding the licensing process, ultimately facilitating smoother demos and driving higher sales performance. 

We value our partners’ opinions and are committed to addressing their feedback. We’re excited to continue working with our partners to provide them with the support they need to succeed. 

The Bottom Line 

At AvePoint, we believe in the power of partnership and are committed to providing exceptional support, resources, and opportunities to our partners. Using this feedback to shape our program, we hope to create a more rewarding and productive partnership experience and build a stronger AvePoint community. 

Stay tuned for the exciting updates and enhancements we have in store for our partner program! If you’d like to join the AvePoint Partner Program, register today 


Thank you to all our partners who participated in the first Semi-Annual NPS Survey. We are grateful for the feedback we received and will use it as a catalyst for positive change and continuous growth. Our team is available to address any additional queries at partner@avepoint.com 

Yurie Morel
Yurie Morel
Yurie Morel is a Partner Program Manager at AvePoint. She empowers partners to maximize their potential by creating a centralized strategy for new and existing channel partners. An alumna of Stony Brook University, Yurie is a recipient of the 2023 CRN Women of the Channel Award, which celebrates women leaders for their exceptional strategic vision, industry leadership, and commitment to channel advocacy.

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