Must Attend EMEA Workshop: How to Achieve 90% #MicrosoftTeams Adoption in 90 days

Post Date: 11/12/2018
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Not going to be in Belgium, The Netherlands or Sweden in November? Check out our London workshop on December 4th!

Hey friends! I just wrapped up my Asian tour talking to organizations in Hong Kong and Singapore about how to get the most value from Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

One of the key topics of discussion has been how to properly manage Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 workspaces that users can self-provision. Questions like:

  • Who should be able to create Groups and Teams, and what does that process look like?
  • Which spaces should be allowed to have external members?
  • How can your organization manage access and ownership?

And obviously for a workshop on adoption, we have had lots of conversations around:

  • Do you have suggested tactics for each adoption phase?
  • How does an intranet fit into the Teams and Yammer equation?
  • Any recommendations on trying to displace an existing technology like Slack? How do you formulate the value proposition of changing to a different platform?

Get the answers to these questions and read our blog post “Q&A: Achieve Microsoft Teams and Yammer Adoption ASAP

Next on my world tour are three amazing European cities: Brussels, Belgium (Nov 27); Lijnden, Netherlands (Nov 28); and Stockholm, Sweden (Nov. 29). We will be talking about:

Why Microsoft Teams Adoption is Critical for EMEA Organizations

Microsoft Teams adoption is important for all organizations that have adopted Office 365, and no region is adopting cloud office productivity tools more quickly than EMEA according to recent studies.

Just about 65 percent of EMEA organizations now run Microsoft Office 365. This is up from a staggering 51 percent in 2016. As such, many of these organizations are new adopters who  are just starting to think about Teams, management, and governance.

But is 90% Teams Adoption Even Possible??

I got a lot of askew glances from the community when I launched the first iteration of this program as a webinar earlier in 2018.

I get it, 90 percent adoption seems crazy high. After all, when was the last time you got 90 percent of your organization to participate in anything?

This looks like a worthwhile Teams workshop for anyone in the EMEA region: Click To Tweet

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple when you realize north of 90 percent of knowledge workers within the average company use email. Why? Because responding to and using email is a basic expectation for where they work and a lot of folks believe it’s the best way to get work done productively.

And when you have analysts saying Microsoft Teams has the functionality to become as popular as Outlook, you realize 90 percent adoption is really just a change management exercise. If you manage people’s reaction to the new change in technology, they will learn to use and love Microsoft Teams.

Having a roadmap helps as well:

If you are in Brussels, Belgium (Nov 27); Lijnden, Netherlands (Nov 28); and Stockholm, Sweden (Nov. 29) register for our free workshop (where I’ll go into all of these aspects in much greater detail) and you will be on your way to 90 percent Teams adoption in no time!

Till next time!

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