How AvePoint Measures and Takes Action on Employee Feedback

Post Date: 10/06/2022
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At AvePoint, we believe in crafting an environment where all our colleagues thrive at work, own their futures, and have the ability to make their mark.

We can only continue to do this if we understand the current experience of our AvePoint colleagues. According to Microsoft Work Lab, only 43% of employees surveyed say their company solicits employee feedback at least once a year.

One important way to assess if the work environment we seek to foster is continuing to advance is through global engagement surveys. These in-depth, company-wide surveys enable us to benchmark our efforts, track progress over time, and provide compelling insights that we can use to work with our people leaders and executive team to make real change.

We’re proud to share that after this year’s AvePoint Global Engagement Survey, our engagement score of 83 is higher than the benchmark for best-in-class companies, reinforcing what we already knew about the award-winning culture we continue to build here.

Across our global teams, we have a lot to be proud of:

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Our road to assessing colleague engagement is just as important as the results. Here’s how we did it and how we’re looking ahead to the future.

Empowering Colleagues to Give Candid Feedback

One of the most common fears we hear when the topic of engagement surveys comes up is whether or not responses are truly confidential. It was important to us to ensure we gave our colleagues confidence that they could be thoughtful, honest, and candid when completing our survey. That’s why we partnered with Glint, an independent survey company, to provide a confidential platform to collect and share colleagues’ feedback. This way, responses were anonymized and no one at AvePoint was able to identify how a specific individual responded.

We also wanted to ensure we had as many colleagues complete the survey as possible so we could get the full picture of their perspectives on the AvePoint work experience. We took a multi-layered approach to accomplish this:

  1. Our executive team set the tone by sending messages to our organization to explain the importance of the upcoming engagement survey and what they could expect after completing the survey.
  2. We empowered our managers with communication tools to cascade the message to their teams in whatever way worked best for their specific work and communication flows.
  3. We provided weekly status updates to department leaders on completion rates and additional resources to continue encouraging colleagues to complete the survey before our deadline.
  4. We implemented automatic updates through Microsoft Teams for those who had not yet completed the survey.

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Turning Colleagues’ Feedback into an Actionable Path Forward

Nearly every question asked in the engagement survey provided an opportunity for colleagues to share specific comments that add color to their responses. It speaks to our highly-engaged company that we received nearly 2,900 comments. This is a gold mine for us as we review the comments and gain additional insights to help move us forward.

One topic which comes up regularly with employee surveys is: “Will the company actually take my feedback and put it into action?” Microsoft Work Lab found 75% of business decision-makers say feedback isn’t actionable enough.

At AvePoint, after we shared the global results with our organization, we gave our people leaders access to the reporting tools in Glint for their teams’ specific results. Ultimately, this will facilitate healthy discussions among teams to determine action plans that make us stronger. Engagement surveys are one important way we spark these discussions here at AvePoint, and based on our recent results, we continue to head in the right direction.

To learn more about why our colleagues believe AvePoint is the place where they can make their mark, visit our careers website.

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