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    #ChewNChat Video: Kebabs and ShiftHappens

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    Kebabs have deep-rooted origins in Turkey where soldiers used to grill chunks of freshly hunted animals on their swords over open-field fires. Hence the name shish kebab, “şiş” meaning sword and “kebab” referring to meat in Turkish.

    Although the word kebab itself is believed to have originated from the Arabic “kabāb” (كَبَاب‎), the Turks popularized the cuisine to refer to a range of grilled and broiled meat. Nowadays, kebab dishes have made dramatic shifts to local cooking styles and innovations – from the ubiquitous donor kebab to the many variations of shish kebabs, such as the satays of Southeast Asia.

    Speaking of shifts, have you heard about our #ShiftHappens conference that’s taking place this June 25th to 26th? ShiftHappens is the latest Digital Transformation conference that brings together industry leaders and innovators as they share actionable strategies around how to maximize your Microsoft 365 investments. Hope to see you there!

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