Protecting your Cloud Data in 2022 with SII Canada and AvePoint

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Protecting your cloud data in 2022 with sii canada and avepoint

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  • 1 Hour


Julien Lancry

IT Business Manager, SII Canada

Jawad Ait El Bacha

Solution Engineer, SII Canada

Conor Dean

Senior Channel Solution Engineer, AvePoint

Why is backup key for your organization?

Storing data in the cloud has many advantages. However, businesses must also protect their critical assets, and employees need a seamless digital experience that promotes flexible, easy collaboration from anywhere.

This webinar is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your Microsoft backup strategy. Does Microsoft's native backup and recovery solution have you fully covered?

Our experts will discuss the Cloud Backup solution as well as the new Azure AD SaaS solution which guarantee the protection of your cloud data:

  • How does SII Canada go beyond Microsoft's Backup limitations?

  • What does AvePoint Cloud Backup for O365 offer?

  • What about Azure AD?


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