Xunkai (Kai) Gong

Executive Chairman

As Executive Chairman of AvePoint, Kai Gong facilitates the operations and deliberations of the Board and offers guidance and strategic direction to our executive leadership team. Previously the Chief Executive Officer and co-CEO, Kai co-founded AvePoint with Tianyi Jiang in 2001.

Since AvePoint’s founding, Kai’s technical experience and stewardship have helped the company grow and deliver a multitude of SaaS and data management solutions to enable safer and more efficient collaboration.

Experience and Area of Expertise:

Prior to AvePoint, Kai was a software engineer at Bell Labs (Lucent Technologies) and Johnson & Johnson.

Credentials & Certifications:

Kai earned graduate degrees in computer science and computer engineering from Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences respectively. He also earned an undergraduate degree in electoral and electronics engineering from Dalian University of Technology.