Available Today: NetApp SnapManager 7.1 for SharePoint

Post Date: 03/14/2013
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AvePoint and NetApp have enjoyed a six-year relationship in helping reduce storage costs, improve scalability, and streamline data management of Microsoft SharePoint environments. Since 2007, NetApp has integrated AvePoint’s award-winning technologies and user interface into its SnapManager for SharePoint solution. In October 2012, we announced a deepening of our relationship with the release of SnapManager 7.0 for SharePoint to ensure that we were not only supporting SharePoint 2010 deployments, but also jointly committed to SharePoint 2013 readiness. It’s been an exciting few months proving that collaboration with confidence works with the AvePoint and NetApp development teams. Today, NetApp joins AvePoint in announcing SharePoint 2013 support with SnapManager 7.1 for SharePoint, building upon the recent release of AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform for SharePoint 2013. This new integration ensures that our SharePoint 2013 have best-in-class governance, compliance, and management tools combined with NetApp’s amazing infrastructure and storage technology. A recent report from Forrester Research, “SharePoint Enters its Awkward Teenage Years”, stresses that social in SharePoint 2013 is a key focus of deployments. Marry that with conversations I had at the 2013 NewsGator Collective last week in Denver – where I had many individuals tell me that they won’t even begin considering social until tackling the big data challenge – and the need for SharePoint to be able to scale and manage efficiently is clearer than ever. Our joint platform now ensures customers can migrate in confidence to a unified platform. Customers using this platform get one installation, one management console, one voice of support, and ultimately one data management and governance strategy for SharePoint. This continues to be an extremely exciting time as organizations continue to bridge the divide between enabling vast collaboration with ensuring proper management and security of all data. Stay tuned for more joint announcements from AvePoint and NetApp!

John Hodges is Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at AvePoint, focusing on developing compliance solutions that address modern data privacy, classification, and data protection needs for organizations worldwide. Since joining AvePoint in 2008, John has worked directly with the company’s product management and research & development teams to cultivate creative ideas and bridge the gap between sales and technology – providing a practical target for innovation and a focused message for sales and marketing. John has been actively engaged in the SharePoint community for several years, working with many Fortune 500 companies to drive sustainable adoption of Microsoft technology and optimize SharePoint’s larger purpose-built implementations. John’s insights and opinions on modern Information Technology can be found in various industry publications, as well as throughout this numerous speaking sessions in webinars and at events worldwide.

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