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Over the last 10 years, AvePoint and NetApp have partnered to support customers running SharePoint on NetApp hardware with world-class software solutions. Some of the largest SharePoint environments in the world are running this technology to handle tiered storage planning, disaster recovery, and day-to-day backup and recovery through NetApp SnapManager for SharePoint (SMSP).

While NetApp SMSP reached end-of-sale in December 2016, AvePoint is committed to supporting NetApp customers and their SharePoint needs through our award-winning DocAve Software. With the release of DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 8, AvePoint took on primary support of all NetApp SMSP customers. We are here to ensure your transition from SMSP to DocAve is seamless, and that you continue to receive the support you need for SharePoint success.

Throughout this transition, we will:

  • Continue to directly support customers running SharePoint 2016, Office 365, or other SharePoint versions and integrating with NetApp storage solutions through DocAve

  • Transition existing NetApp SMSP customers to DocAve by request – reach out to your AvePoint representatives to find out more about this service

  • Honor existing NetApp support contracts for the duration of their entitlements, allowing you to continue to receive world-class support for your NetApp SMSP deployment



With DocAve, you get a powerful combination of manageability, efficiency, data protection, and scalability for SharePoint workloads running on NetApp hardware.

Backup and Restore for SharePoint

Eliminate exposure to data loss by performing frequent, automated backups with our fast Snapshot technology. DocAve takes only seconds to minutes to perform complete farm- and item-level backups and restores while significantly minimizing required disk space. This dramatically reduces data recovery window times and enables you to make more frequent and complete backups and restores.

Contact us for more information about DocAve Backup and Restore for SharePoint.

Disaster Recovery with NetApp SnapMirror

With DocAve, you can ensure continuity of operations by implementing a reliable disaster recovery solution for your SharePoint data. By adding NetApp SnapMirror replication technology, you can simplify remote replication of SharePoint data so that it can be recovered rapidly in the event of a disaster.

Tiered Storage for Large SharePoint Deployments

DocAve enables you to reduce SQL database size by externalizing and storing unstructured binary large objects (BLOBs) on NetApp Server Message Block (SMB) shares, also known as Common Internet File System (CIFS) storage. With DocAve, you can easily provision additional storage as needed without affecting your SharePoint users. Your IT staff can also monitor and manage SharePoint farms across the enterprise from a centralized location.

Contact us for more information about DocAve Storage Manager for SharePoint.


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