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Tech News Roundup: Cloud storage, SharePoint 2016, and Microsoft applications

Welcome to the latest edition of our Tech News Roundup blog series! The enterprise IT industry moves at a rapid pace – making it difficult to keep up with the latest news. This series aims to help you hone in on the stories you need to know amidst the noise. Check out synopses and links to recommended enterprise technology stories below, and come back regularly for more news roundups.

How Microsoft Is Automating Business Chores (Fortune)

Despite its long-running dominance with its Office products including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft is drastically changing how organizations and their employees get everyday tasks done. From search technology and analytics such as Office Graph, to the latest Outlook add-in for food delivery being developed in conjunction with Starbucks, Microsoft is transforming business chores as well as influencing how other software and application vendors create new products.

IT is getting cloud storage security all wrong (CIO)

According to two recent surveys discussing cloud storage behaviors, the greatest threat an organization’s data is its own staff. Although not a new train a thought, many businesses are not putting the correct policies and ongoing review to prevent employee data leakage – whether intentional or unintentional. These policies involve email data retention, lack of regular auditing on paper-based data, no ongoing reviews of files stored in the cloud or on-premises, and lack of filters for what is stored in the cloud.

SharePoint 2016: What’s in it for business users (Computerworld)

Much of the conversation around SharePoint 2016 has revolved around the enhancements to help IT departments deploy and manage their environments. However, there are a number of improvements that are targeted at the end user. Computerworld discusses new developments including the App Launcher to enhanced global navigation experience, improvements to OneDrive’s synchronization process, and unified search capabilities for hybrid environments.


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