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ShiftHappens Video: Jeff Teper on SharePoint’s Origins and AI in Office 365

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SharePoint is incredibly prevalent across various industries today, but how did the behemoth of an application get its start?

Paul Thurrott had the chance to sit down with Corporate Vice President of Office 365 Jeff Teper as he recounted the origins of SharePoint. Check out the full interview below!

Jeff also sat down with Petri’s Brad Sams and Mary Jo Fowley to discuss how Microsoft is preparing to cater to for the next generation of the workforce (a generation that’s completely grown up on technology).

Between this and touching on how AI will continue to push apps forward, we were treated to a wealth of insights at the conference. Feel free to enjoy both interviews and check AvePoint blog for a wealth of other ShiftHappens Conference content.

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Brent Middleton
Brent Middleton
As the former Content Marketing Specialist for AvePoint, Brent led the strategy and direction of all AvePoint's blog properties.


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