City Guide Prague: Where Should You Go After ESPC?

Post Date: 11/29/2019
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Attending the European SharePoint Conference every year is a great opportunity to get the newest updates on SharePoint, Azure, and Office 365 as well as to meet new and old friends alike. More importantly, though, it’s a chance to visit a city that you may have never been to before; in this case, Prague!

This year, ESPC is taking place from December 3-5 in Prague, Czech Republic.

As you may face some challenges with the native language and foreign currency, we considered how to make life easier for you. So here it is: our city guide for Prague.

As an opening tip, you really don’t need to exchange your money; most places accept credit cards. But if you do, be careful about tourist scams! For this, I recommend that you follow on Instagram.

Remember, most of us Czech speak fluent English, but learning some easy words makes your experience with the city even more authentic. For that reason, I have attached a small dictionary at the end of this post.

Prague Scenery

Looking for a romantic place or a beautiful view? Go to Bastion Prague!

It’s open daily until midnight for you to enjoy fine dining or a walk around the closed gardens. At Zahrada Ztracenka you can visit a collection of statues or go for a stroll in Park Folimanka.

Don’t forget to visit Vysehrad Castle a few hundred meters away from the venue either! Here, you can find a cemetery where most of our writers, actors, singers, and national heroes find their place of peace.

Prague Food and Drink

If you’re looking for a brewery and beer culture like in Bavaria, go to U Fleku. Even though it’s rather touristy, it’s worth it to visit at least once. U Fleku is well known by people around the world, and even Czech tourists come here to enjoy the atmosphere and drink beer.

Where should you go to eat authentic Czech food and drink original Pilsner Urquell? Restaurace u Vejvodu. You should be able to find a table here no matter the size of your group.

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For downtown, Spejle–which literally translates to “skewer”–is the perfect place in case one part of your group is hungry and the others just want to relax and have a small snack and drink. On the buffet every portion is marked with a wooden skewer, and the number of skewers indicates the price. At the end of your meal, you pay for the number of skewers you had. Please do not cheat and eat the skewers! ?

Pivovar Narodni and U Medvidku are also downtown local breweries worth a visit.

If you’re interested in historical architecture, I recommend Restaurace Zvonice, which is located in a gothic tower.

For those who are vegan, I recommend Restaurace Plevel. From here you can continue to Krymska street where a lot of alternative bars and cafés are located. I recommend this street even if it’s just for a nightcap.

Looking to explore your options? Go to Vynohrady in-between Namesti Miru and Riegrovy Sady. You will find plenty of elegant dining experiences here with options for drinks just next door.

Prague Nightlife

For the courageous among you, I can recommend two underground clubs: Vzorkovna and Cross Club. If the security at Vzorkovna will let you in, you don’t have to worry about the massive dog waiting for you at the end of the stairs right after the entrance. At Cross Club you must be cautious, however; the industrial interiors and exteriors have several pitfalls where you can hurt yourself.

I look forward to your comments on where you go and which places you discover. I’m a Czech living in Munich, but I’m always coming back to Prague to remember the days I spent in this city that I love. ?

Mini Czech Dictionary

Yes = Ano

No = Ne 

Please = Prosím

Thank you = Děkuji Vám

Good morning = Dobré ráno

Good night = Dobrou noc

Hello = Dobrý den

My bill please = Účet prosím

I pay with card = Platím kartou

One beer please = Jedno pivo, prosím

I do not understand Czech = Nerozumím česky

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