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Inside SharePoint 2016: Lessons Learned and the Conversation Continued

This morning, four of our experts in SharePoint management, compliance, architecture and migration hosted a round table and Q&A on what’s new in SharePoint 2016, how to prepare today, and how an upgrade can help your business! During the discussion, we covered:

  • What’s New in SharePoint 2016
  • How the changes will affect your business and industry
  • SharePoint 2016 Compliance, Architecture & Hybrid Support
  • Customer Testimonials & Lessons Learned
  • What to consider & starting your migration

Missed the webinar or had to step away? Click on the image below to watch a recording of the live webinar on-demand!

SharePoint 2016 Webinar

Continue the Conversation

Thank you again for participating and submitting your questions! For those whose questions were not answered during the webinar due to time constraints, we will be following up directly with a response in the coming days.

Have another question about SharePoint 2016? Submit it in the comments section below. Our experts John Peluso, Becky Isserman, Paul Olenick, and Dux Raymond Sy will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Kate P.
Kate P.
Kate is a tech savvy sushi lover with a knack for data migrations. Her articles provide insight into the latest tools to help you make your move to SharePoint and Office 365, as well as pro-tips for managing your new deployment.


  1. I was hoping your presentation would be for a more general audience. The group that was with me to view your presentation were mostly interested in what will be new 2016, how to prepare for 2016, what will or will not work from 2013 to 2016. What we viewed was not what we were hoping your presentation would be. Too many acronyms used by some but not necessarily understood by all of your participants. Let me know when you have a presentation for the general public and not for the technical IT’s. (Nothing against technical IT’s but most assume that everyone understands what they are talking about, when we don’t.) Also, practice, practice, practice your presentation to make your presntation sound professional. You are selling your services and you did not always sound very professional.

    • Hi Vicky!

      It’s great to hear from you and thank you for your feedback! This webinar certainly took a more technical view into the changes in SharePoint 2016–however this was a direct result of the audience at the time of the recording. Unlike our other webinars, this webinar was an open, “round-table” discussion between the audience and our experts, where the audience steered the conversation by asking questions pertaining to SharePoint 2016.

      To address your questions, I would suggest reading the blogs written by John Peluso and Paul Olenick, linked below for your reference. John discusses at a high level what’s new overall in SharePoint 2016, while Paul analyzes how the hybrid updates in SharePoint 2016 could help your business take advantage of Office 365 functionality.

      John’s Blog on what’s new in SharePoint 2016:

      Paul’s Blog on Hybrid in SharePoint 2016:

      If you have any further questions, definitely leave us another comment and we will make sure to help you get your answers!


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