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Microsoft’s Bill Baer Talks SharePoint Announcements at Microsoft Ignite [Video Interview]

Hi ya’ll! In in this edition of Dux Quax, we’re talking SharePoint announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2016.

It’s been an extremely exciting year with all the major SharePoint announcements made at Microsoft Ignite. So who better than Bill Baer, Senior Technical Product Manager and Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint, to talk to about all the hard at work Microsoft has put in evolving features and capabilities for both online and on-premises?

In this interview, Bill and I talk about the Ignite 2016 opening keynote, recent SharePoint announcements, and we find out which Microsoft product Bill would be (other than SharePoint).

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Video Transcript: Dux Raymond Sy (@meetduxand Bill Baer (@williambaer) at Microsoft Ignite

Dux Raymond Sy: Hey everybody. This is Day One of Microsoft Ignite. Welcome to another edition of Dux Quax. With me, I’ve got Bill Baer. So Bill, what do you think of the keynote this morning?

Bill Baer: Yeah, I think the keynote was great. We delivered a lot of great news. A lot of news, not only about SharePoint but a ton news just about the Microsoft stack, everything that you can do more.

Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely.

Bill Baer: So it’s been a great morning so far. Exciting times.

Dux Raymond Sy: I mean, I was sure Julia would give SharePoint a shout out, a lot of Azure goodness, but what’s going on for you this week? Can you give everybody a quick highlight of what you’re going to cover, announcements, all the good stuff around SharePoint?

Bill Baer: Yeah, exactly. So if you saw our blog this morning, we’ve got a number of great SharePoint announcements coming. Everything if you’re on-premises, or in the clouds, or somewhere in-between with hybrid, we announce [SharePoint 2016] Feature Pack 1, which includes a ton of new grade hybrid value, a ton of new value we accrued directly back from Office 365.

It also includes a ton of feedback that we received from UserVoice. So we deliver the great new feature pack on our blog today that we’re going to talking about in depth throughout the course of the week. We also announced some great new things around OneDrive for business and file security, a new white paper around that, improvements to Delve. So it’s going to be an exciting week for SharePoint.

Dux Raymond Sy: Man, it’s just too hard to keep up. One thing I’m very impressed with is, especially with UserVoice, when that first came out, people were like, “Are they going to listen?” But, you know, when it rains, it pours. There’s so much stuff coming and we’ve got 23,000 people here this week. It’s insane. And, you know, on top of these announcements, I’m sure the sessions are going to be great. Are you delivering a couple of sessions?

Bill Baer: Yeah, I’ve got like one session tomorrow, but actually I’ve got a handful of sessions tomorrow, effectively throughout the day, a ton of meetings Wednesday, and then I’ve got sessions on Thursday, so it’s going to be a pretty busy week for myself, but we like it that way. Obviously when you see the SharePoint team in a ton of sessions, you know we’ve got a lot to share.

SharePoint announcements and more explained


Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely. I mean I talked to a lot of customers and folks here are like, “Yeah, we want to learn more about SharePoint, SharePoint Online, hybrid, a lot of good stuff.” So guys, make sure, follow Bill Baer on Twitter. You should see here his Twitter handle now.

Before I let you go, Bill, other than SharePoint, if you were a Microsoft product, what would you be?

Bill Baer: That’s actually a surprising question, but if I had to sit here and think about it for a minute, I’m a pretty old guy. I’ve been around for a long time. So Schedule Plus would be my choice.

Dux Raymond Sy: Schedule Plus. Why? Why are you a Schedule Plus?

Bill Baer: I’m probably one of the few people still at Microsoft that sends an email that says, “Send me an S+.”

Dux Raymond Sy: There you go, so that’s what S+ means. So…

Bill Baer: That’s what S+ means. So it hearkens back to the good old days.

Dux Raymond Sy: There you go. Well, awesome. Appreciate it, Bill.

Bill Baer: Hey, it was great being here.

Dux Raymond Sy: Have fun at Ignite. Make sure I’ll see you at the Red party tomorrow, all right?

Bill Baer: Absolutely, I won’t miss it.

Dux Raymond Sy: Now, all right. Well, thanks, guys. Till the next episode of Dux Quax.

Bill Baer: Thanks a lot.

Dux Raymond Sy: See you.

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