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Celebrate Pi Day with 3.14 Reasons to Use AvePoint’s Policies & Insights

Sunday, March 14 is Pi Day and we’re ready to celebrate!

Here at AvePoint, there’s no better way to mark the occasion than by sharing 3.14 reasons why our Policies and Insights solution (PI, for short) is the best way to ensure safe, productive collaboration in Microsoft 365.

Policies and Insights makes it easy to find, prioritize, fix, and enforce your Microsoft 365 controls no matter if your organization is large or small. Here are just a few of PI’s many perks:

  • Drill down into Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 workspaces to identify vulnerabilities
  • Create and automate data-driven policies for Teams, sites, Groups, and OneDrive
  • Run security reports and prioritize high-risk issues, such as shadow users accessing Teams content
  • Quickly understand where policies are deployed and their impact

Let’s explore some key reasons why these functions are so important and how PI can deliver them to any IT team, especially those with existing concerns about their sensitive information.

1. Discover where your sensitive information has been “overshared”

Microsoft Teams and the other solutions and apps in Microsoft 365 make it extremely easy to share content, which is fantastic for collaboration! No matter where users browse, it seems that there is always a way to share what’s important to get the job done faster.

While this is great news for worker productivity, it isn’t ideal for situations that involve sensitive content. Oversharing, especially when it happens unknowingly, can go unnoticed for a long time.

How, then, do you know which files are misplaced or exposed? Even if you work in an unregulated industry, it’s likely that there is some information that may have personal or financial data creating risk. The first step is knowing it’s there.

This is why it’s critical to know not only where your sensitive content lives in Microsoft 365, but which users have access. After all, you can’t solve the problem and reduce your risk without a clear picture of what’s causing it in the first place.

Let Policies & Insights do the work for you! Our solution automatically prioritizes your sensitive content, surfaces where the most exposed content lives, and delivers critical information about users that have access to tons of sensitive content as well as anonymous links in your environment.


2. Leverage automation for quick, comprehensive policy enforcement

You can create plenty of reports in Microsoft 365, but it can be cumbersome to manage generating and analyzing reports as a process, let alone understand what changes need to be made and then implementing them.

Furthermore, the only way to understand if your strategy and process are making a difference is to track them over time. Many solutions provide you with reports and tools to make changes yourself, but their traditional single-pane, click-reduction approach can be time- and labor-intensive.

PI makes it easy to tailor security via policies that automatically enforce protocols such as labels, ownership restrictions, and security settings. Additional reporting dashboards allow you to easily digest what’s going on in your environment and visualize how the solution is helping make collaboration more secure.

Thanks to PI’s automated policies, users with secure sharing needs can perform daily tasks without process bottlenecks, and IT teams can sleep at night knowing that collaboration processes are secure. Just ask Thermo Fisher, the city of Port St. Lucie, Florida, and other organizations that rely on AvePoint for security and governance needs — and for peace of mind that’s, well, automatic.


3. Take comfort in our dedication to security, simplicity, and service

Safe collaboration doesn’t have to be complicated. Policies and Insights is an easy-to-use solution in our AvePoint Online Services (AOS) platform that can be connected to Microsoft 365 and start scanning in minutes! AOS is built in the Azure cloud, and Microsoft has ISO and SOCII certifications (just to be safe, we went ahead and got our own too!)

We’re also proud to say that we are in the process of applying for FedRAMP certification. In addition to being one of the most secure platforms in the industry, AOS has 12 instances across the globe to meet data regionalization requirements, and all AvePoint solutions come with 24/7 support.

3.14. Experience our PI solution with a free demo!

I’ll use my remaining “.14 “here, as I don’t want to toot my own horn too much! Rest easy by letting AvePoint’s expertise take your collaboration security efforts to a “3.14” — or extend your journey out as many decimal places as you like.

And don’t leave the Pi Day party without a souvenir: I invite you to try out Policies and Insights today to see for yourself.

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Hunter W.
Hunter W.
​Hunter Willis has been in web development, SEO and Social Media marketing for over a decade, and entered the SharePoint space in 2016. Throughout his career he has developed internal collaboration sites, provided technical and strategic advice, and managed solutions for small to large organizations. In addition, Hunter has served as a strategy consultant for many companies and non-profits in the Richmond area.


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