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Survey: How Organizations Are Planning Out Their Digital Transformation

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This is the first excerpt from AIIM’s March survey. You can find the other three below:

Ever wonder how well other organizations are progressing along their digital transformation journeys? In late March 2019, AIIM reached out to over 250 members of organizations across disciplines to figure out just that. Read on for a short excerpt of their findings, or click here for the full report.

Every organization is on–or should be on–a Digital Transformation journey.

79% of organizations realize that they must transform into a truly digital business in order to survive. As the currency that fuels and funds the journey, information is an organization’s most valuable asset.


As organizations begin their Digital Transformation efforts, they’re focusing on three key areas for improvement: 1) IT processes and their modernization (58%, to give them more business agility); 2) Information Governance (42%, to make their information assets more findable, accurate, and accessible to machines); and 3) Customer Experiences (39%, to increase value to customers and head off potential digital disruptors).
A rising tide of information chaos and confusion imperils these desired Digital Transformation journeys. The volume, velocity, and variety of information that most organizations need to manage, store, and protect now exceeds their ability to even marginally keep pace with big content challenges.
On average, organizations expect the volume of information coming into their organizations to grow from X to 4.2X over the next two years. And most importantly for those who care about content management and content services, they expect over 60% of this information to be unstructured (like a contract or a conversation) or semi-structured (like an invoice or a form).
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Want more specifics about how organizations are handling digital transformation? Check out the full right here. 

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Brent Middleton
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