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Survey: How Are Organizations Handling Content Management Issues?

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This is the second excerpt from AIIM’s March survey. You can find the other three below:

In late March 2019, AIIM reached out to over 250 members of organizations across disciplines to find out how their digital transformation journeys were going. Read on for a short excerpt of their findings, or click here for the full report.

Every organization–regardless of industry–is now a technology organization. But rising information chaos is a very real and strategic threat to the ability of organizations to succeed, or even survive. An effective Content Services strategy is key to addressing these challenges. Within this context, many core information management problems are still unsolved by end users.

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But how are organizations approaching this modernization challenge?
What kinds of problems are they encountering along the way?
How do organizations with existing–and multiple–content implementations think through the modernization challenge?
The good news for many organizations is that it’s easier than ever to deploy content management systems. This is also the bad news, and there seems to be no end to the balkanization of content capabilities. A decade ago, organizations could speculate about the possibility of one content repository to meet all needs; the reality is that this has always been–and will continue to be–a false hope. Nearly 40% of organizations have five or more major content management systems.

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And this isn’t likely to change moving forward. Only 14% of organizations believe that they’ll have fewer content platforms to manage in two years, and 48% percent believe the number of content platforms will actually grow over the next two years.

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Want to read on about the accumulation of content platforms? Check out the full survey right here. 

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Brent Middleton
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