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Survey: Which Dept. Influences the Approval of Content Migration Projects the Most?

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This is the fourth excerpt from AIIM’s March survey. You can find the other three below:

It’s important for those proposing content integration and content migration projects to take the high ground. Certainly, the direct savings that accrue from decommissioning a legacy system are important (27%), as are the potential benefits within a particular business process (23%). But the most important benefits to a significant migration or integration project are organizational–improved collaboration and access to information.
In short, the benefits are directly tied to business agility and becoming a true digital business. This is especially true as organizations shift their focus from improving specific point processes to transforming customer experiences and journeys across processes.
The primary gatekeepers on these projects–those who should likely be on any buying and/or implementation team–include:

1) IT and IT services (likely most concerned about information security and systems integrity);

2) C-level executives (likely concerned about improving customer experiences and value); and

3) Line-of-business operations executives (who can directly testify to the problems posed by siloed and inaccessible information).

Actual budgets for these projects most likely reside with IT and IT Services.

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Given that the primary strategic benefit from a content migration or integration project is likely improved knowledge worker productivity (access to information at the right time, place, and form) and process agility (more seamless integration of content, in context, into business processes), it’s likely that many organizations are leveraging some spending focused on content collaboration into their migration and integration initiatives.

After all, the adoption of more modern approaches to collaboration also requires information platform modernization. Annual budgets for each are robust and typically in excess of $100,000–and nearly 30% of organizations plan to increase this spending in the next 3-6 months.


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Brent Middleton
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