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You’ve beaten your opponent in round one by playing defensively with cloud backup.

Now that your adversary is gassed out, it’s time to try three essential management combinations and some fancy footwork to achieve your digital transformation KO.

Footwork: Discovery
Arguably the best offensive move you can make when approaching a migration is one of the simplest. Depending on your environment, a native discovery and planning can cost up to 90% of the time of a full migration project.

AvePoint’s Discovery Tool will identify required, relevant, and sensitive content while also flagging customizations to help you understand what data to keep, and what to ditch. All tailored to your specific requirements.

Jab-Cross-Uppercut: Compliant Migration
It’s likely that you have government or industry regulations that you need to adhere to in addition to your company’s own data policies.

Employ a scanning engine to analyze and identify content in countless possible data sources to then perform defined actions against qualifying content such as tagging, moving/archiving, quarantining, redacting, and more.

Jab-Jab-Cross: Restructure
Whether it’s tens, hundreds, or thousands of users, having content live in the same place for several years typically results in items being in the wrong place.

Restructure your content during the execution of your migration so that your new platform is nice and organized once before you’ve settled in.

Meet the Expert

Wendy Henry Headshot

Wendy Henry

Client Services Strategic Consultant with AvePoint

Wendy Henry is an accomplished technical author, consultant, educator and international conference presenter. Specializing in Microsoft since 1998, she has over 26 years of IT industry experience consulting with Government and Fortune 500 companies from various industries to cultivate solutions that employ technology to its peak potential according to business needs. Her background in finance and business analysis gives her a unique perspective on the overall fiscal and operational impact of systems integration in today’s business environment. She holds several professional and technical certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Linux, CompTIA, and PMLG, as well as technical training certifications. A published technical editor and author, Wendy has contributed to multiple books, white papers and guides for several manufacturers including Microsoft, EMC, AvePoint and more.